The Unusual Case of Pedro Oliva Ramírez the Man Who Traveled to a “Parallel Universe” While Driving His Car

From birth we know a single reality (in which we live), but according to some people there could be several. This implies that what does not happen in our world may be happening in another. There may even be many versions of ourselves. Does it seem strange to you? Here we present the strange case of Pedro Oliva Ramírez.(Pedro Oliva Ramírez the Man Who Traveled to a “Parallel Universe”)

Pedro Oliva Ramírez the Man Who Traveled to a "Parallel Universe"

Description of the case: On November 9, 1986, at 11:15 p.m., the Industrial Expert Pedro Oliva Ramírez was driving in his vehicle from Seville to Alcalá de Guadaira, where he had his temporary residence. (in Spain)

During the first part of its route nothing is worthy of note here, until after passing a curve is suddenly circulating on a road with three lanes of double width in each direction. He was totally upright, and startled to pay attention to what he sees, which is new to him. He observes a plain about a hundred meters away, to his left, some four hundred meters long, where there are five or six industries. They are totally illuminated and have a height of about eighty meters.(Pedro Oliva Ramírez the Man Who Traveled to a “Parallel Universe”)

Identical phenomenon happens to its right, but this time they are residential buildings with about twenty plants each. At the edge of the road there was a very dense grass and about 70 centimeters in height, both to its left and to the right.

After observing that abnormality in the landscape, he feels like a sensation of heat invades the vehicle and hears a choir of distant voices. There is something like a great soccer goal several meters away from the car, leaving nothing clear whether to pass it or not. One of the voices confirms that he has been transferred to another country of another hemisphere by extraterrestrials.(Pedro Oliva Ramírez the Man Who Traveled to a “Parallel Universe”)

He travels on that road for an hour, makes a stop. It is advanced by the third lane by large cars, similar to the old Cadillar of white or chickpea and with dark and narrow plates. He gets out of the car and walks along the edge of the road for four hours observing the fine grass helped by the lights of his vehicle. Also the passage of other vehicles with a frequency or interval of 8 minutes between one and another.(Pedro Oliva Ramírez the Man Who Traveled to a “Parallel Universe”)

He returns to his car and continues to drive for another hour, stops and goes out for another quarter of an hour. The road is narrow and patched, it circulates for half an hour until it finds a triple sign that says: Malaga in one direction, Seville in another, and Alcalá in the other. . Take the detour in the direction of Seville, and without knowing why it stops, looking to your left is in front of your house in Alcalá de Guadaira.

Annoyed, he decides to retrace his steps and look for the crossing, but he does not find it, neither the triple sign nor the three-lane road in each direction. He continues to indicate that the route between Seville and Alcalá de Guadaira used to take him in half an hour: he used three hours and five minutes and a fuel consumption equivalent to two hundred kilometers and something more.(Pedro Oliva Ramírez the Man Who Traveled to a “Parallel Universe”)

What really happened in this case? The truth is that Pedro continues to investigate what happened today without much success in his inquiries. What do you think?

Pedro Oliva Ramírez the Man Who Traveled to a "Parallel Universe"

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