Assumed Triangular UFO captured in US aircraft carrier

They have come to light some footage of a Triangular UFO filmed by a pilot of the US Air Force who, boasting on social networks, posted on his Twitter account a recording where you can see his colleagues on the aircraft carrier where they are performing maneuvers at that time. But the images collect something more.

The video went viral from the first minute it was shared by internet users, who saw the plausible proof that, not only are we being visited by beings from other planets, but they are also working together with the army of the U.S. But is it really a UFO?

In the recording, which is taken by a pilot from the air (we assume that from a helicopter), you can see the landing of an F-18 fighter on one of the aircraft carriers that has the US Navy. And, while the aircraft is on track, it can be seen that a strange triangular aircraft is parked. It is not the typical flying saucer, but we compare it with the second most known form of a UFO: Triangular.

As there have been no statements about it, speculation about the enigmatic video was not long in coming. And while many assure that it is the definitive proof to demonstrate that the extraterrestrial ones exist, others affirm that it is a montage. And it is that, there are several anomalies in this video that make us suspect.

One of them is the shadow that the object gives off, which seems to be very well outlined and more tenuous than the rest of the shadows that the rest of the objects on the airstrip give off, such as the helicopter next to the supposed UFO, which has a shadow more irregular and pronounced, as expected.

Moreover, the mere idea that the US military was so indiscreet in leaving an extraterrestrial aircraft parked on a military aircraft carrier, suggests that it could be a video montage. Other netizens suggest that it may be a ship used by the US military that also has a triangular shape. Although it is clear that it would not be the same object.

If the images were real and there was no montage that had been made prior to its publication on social networks, in addition to the obvious clumsiness of the pilot who took the images and the rest of the people responsible for recording it, we would be faced with the presence of military technology. known At least not officially, as we do not know that this model is being used by any armed force.

And there have been numerous, for some time now, recordings of supersonic aircraft, among others, that would be used by the United States Army as well as those of Russia, China, Japan and North Korea. However, we will be awaiting new information in this regard. 

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