Indonesian Government Investigates A UFO Crash In The Sea

The UFO issue has escalated over the last year. Everyday news is emerging about strange flying objects in our skies. In fact, we could be heading to “First Contact” sooner than we think. Although the truth could be entirely different, and it is possible that we have already had it and simply do not know. For example, earlier this year investigator Anthony Bragalia, thanks to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), received more than 150 pages of government documents detailing the recovery and testing of mysterious metals obtained from the UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947.

Among the details of the documents was a description of the Nitinol alloy. It appears to be made of nickel and titanium with the ability to “remember” its shape and, when heated, can revert to its original formation. The documents described the memory metal and how it was tested by the Bigelow Aerospace company. The documents, apart from showing that the United States possesses extraterrestrial technology, also proved that there have been crashed UFOs in many parts of the world, such as the strange incident that occurred in Indonesia.

UFO Crash In The Sea (Indonesia)

Puzzling images have emerged of a mysterious elongated UFO with an apparent trail of smoke slowly descending from the sky before landing in the sea. The strange incident was recorded on Jangkar Beach in the Indonesian province of East Java . In the video that has gone viral on Facebook, the black cylindrical shape can be seen gently floating towards the surface of the water. Then it seems to disappear under the water while listening to those present trying to find an explanation.

“What is this anchor-like thing that fell from the sky?” says the description of the video.

And as expected, the video of the UFO crash in the sea has caused all kinds of reactions on social networks, with all kinds of opinions and comments about the origin of the mysterious object. There were many who assured that it was an alien spaceship crashing, they even made mention of the 2016 film “The arrival (Arrival)”. The plot of the film, based on the story “The story of your life” by Ted Chiang, tells the moment of the first extraterrestrial contact and how the linguist Louise Banks (played by Amy Adams), has the goal of deciphering the language of the mysterious heptapods that have come to Earth in giant floating ships.

Such has been the stir caused by the video that the Indonesian government space agency decided to investigate. Emanuel Snugging Mumpungi of the National Aeronautics and Space Institute said he had dispatched a team to the location to investigate the mysterious incident. So far they have not been able to give a definitive explanation.

“We are still waiting for the location team to confirm ,” Mumpungi said.

However, to prevent the spread of rumors and conspiracy theories, Mumpungi said a possible explanation was that it was a kind of balloon. He also noted that it was too slow to be an object from space. But this explanation has not convinced everyone since as we have commented at the beginning of this news, in recent months there has been a general increase in interest in UFOs, mainly due to encounters with strange unidentified flying objects by the Pentagon.

In addition, this week we have curiously learned that US Navy submarines have detected mysterious ‘fast-moving objects’ underwater, weeks before the controversial Pentagon UFO report is made public. The documents reveal that the sightings cannot be explained by experts or current technology. It is also said that the report will confirm once and for all the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial life on our planet, in what will be called “The Great Revelation.”

Indonesian Government Investigates A UFO Crash In The Sea

If all of this news evokes thoughts about Independence Day, you are not alone. It could be that governments have hidden the truth from us. It could also be that this is probably all a lot of noise and little nuts and that they ultimately debunk all these sightings. We will have to wait until next month to find out the truth, or not.

What do you think about this UFO crash in the sea? Yet another evidence of the extraterrestrial existence on our planet?

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