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Tom DeLonge Says “UFOs Come From Another Frequency of Reality”

The former Blink-182 member Tom DeLonge has recently released a feature film where he explains what he thinks about the true origin of UFOs.

Tom DeLonge Says "UFOs Come From Another Frequency of Reality"

The film follows the story of a group of young people who discover files left behind by a missing government agent. These documents will embark them on a dangerous adventure in which they will try to unravel a long-standing conspiracy, facing one of humanity’s greatest contemporary enigmas.

«It is very similar to my life, where I have had numerous situations in which I have witnessed these things. I have experienced very strange events. I have been in many meetings with people who are certainly aware of what is going on. I have participated in high-level discussions to bring this to the world. And all of that really comes through in the movie,” said DeLonge, who since 2017 has become a loud voice in the ufology community through his company TTS De.

According to the musician-turned-director,  Monsters of California represents an emotionally charged opportunity to get people to understand the complexity of the phenomenon while preparing to accept that experiences with extraterrestrial life forms probably won’t always be warm, fuzzy encounters. affectionate in the style of ET

“I think people have to prepare themselves for the harsh reality that some of these things are really bad. “What they are doing is bad, but some things are good,” he said. «And some of these things will create a better situation for humanity. I think that once we learn it, we will discover that all our beliefs are completely superficial and perhaps planned to keep us divided.

Due to the paranormal tinge that can be noticed in the published trailer, DeLonge may be referring to the fact that the aliens could well be the “angels” and “demons” of ancient times, and that they do not exactly come from a very distant planet, but rather from another plane or “frequency” of reality.

«These ships seem to be doing things in the air that have to do with frequency. And then there’s understanding, you know, of the universe, the world around us over decades, and we say, ‘Oh my God, these things could be coming over time,'” he explained.

Tom DeLonge Says "UFOs Come From Another Frequency of Reality"
Tom DeLonge directing the film Monsters of California (2023).

«Time is not linear, it is parallel. It’s just our point of view where we feel like we’re traveling forward in time. But everything that can happen and is happening, is all happening at the same time. And everything is separated by frequency, they are all different, different frequencies of the spectrum. And so, you have civilizations that are towards the end of their existence that are literally at our side,” he added.

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