It’s official: NASA is considering an interstellar mission

From fiction to reality: escaping from this planet? Looking for alien life? NASA is seriously considering conducting an interstellar mission.

A group of researchers at Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory are eager to send a probe to interstellar space, Wired reports. Pending the approval of NASA, they claim that the project could be launched as early as 2030.

It could represent “humanity’s first explicit step towards interstellar space,” as Applied Physics Laboratory team member Pontus Brandt told Wired, years after Voyager 1 became the first spacecraft built by humans to reach interstellar space.

The basic scheme of his proposal, which emerged from an interstellar probe study supported by NASA last year, to launch a spacecraft that weighs less than 1,700 pounds in the next rocket of NASA’s Space Launch System delayed and Above the budget.

Then they would use gravity to carry it at speeds greater than 160,934 kilometers per hour, fast enough to leave the Solar System. The goal is to travel 148 billion miles from Earth in less than 15 years. In comparison, Voyager 1 and 2 took almost 40 years to reach only 32 billion miles.

interstellar mission It's official: NASA is considering an interstellar mission
Credit: NASA

Leaving the heliosphere

While Voyager 1 and 2 were only equipped with basic instruments, the proposed spacecraft will have a series of sensors that could gain a better understanding of interstellar space, which remains largely mysterious to today’s scientists.

And leaving the heliosphere, the bubble-shaped region of space around the Sun, could provide additional opportunities.

Brandt told Wired :

We are sitting inside a bubble trying to figure out what shape it is, which is extremely difficult. The uniqueness of an interstellar probe is that we can go out and take a picture of our little habitable bubble in space. ”

How could NASA support sending a probe to interstellar space(interstellar mission)?

Source: Futurism / Wired

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