Scientists discover how to recreate the Big Bang explosion

The outbreak that occurred during the Big Bang was (according to the theory) the biggest explosion that has happened and one that perhaps we could never witness at those levels. Now, a group of scientists has discovered “accidentally” how to recreate the Big Bang.

A team of researchers from the Central University of Florida (UCF) accidentally discovered the criteria necessary to create a Big Bang type explosion when studying jet propulsion methods of hypersonic engines.

Kareem Ahme , an assistant professor in the department of mechanical and aerospace engineering, was experimenting with extremely active flames within the framework of the aforementioned investigation, when he discovered that by means of a turbulence a static flame (like a candle’s) can be accelerated and, eventually explode

Ahmed told the UCF newspaper :

We explored these supersonic reactions for propulsion and, as a result, we found this mechanism that seemed very interesting. ”

Scientists discover how to recreate the Big Bang explosion
Credit: Reuters

The study of how to recreate the Big Bang defined the criteria under which a flame can be propelled to generate its own turbulence, acceleration and, eventually, detonation. Under these criteria, the team created a 5 × 5 cm shock tube that produces the turbulence necessary for a passive flame to activate.

Although the explosion recreated in the laboratory is of an infinitely smaller scale than the one that gave rise to the universe, the theoretical expression derived from it can be used to understand what happened on a large scale. Also, the discovery could contribute to the development of more efficient supersonic speed motors.

The scientific study has been published in the journal Science.

Source: RT / Central Florida University

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