Kachina – the mysterious Messengers of the Gods from the legends of the Hopi Indians

Hopi is one of the most significant tribe of American Indians. Today, Hopi tribe live in Arizona. Ancient legends and even archaeological evidence indicate that the Hopi once came to these places, having come a long way. Hopi tribe live to this day following their ancient myths and traditions, despite the fact that at the beginning of the 20th century, there was a split in their ranks into two camps (traditionalists and progressives).

For believer of the theory of paleocontact (the visit of alien creatures to the ancient Earth), the unusual traditions of these Indians are of considerable interest.


Much of Hopi life is concentrated around the legendary kachina(kiyakiyapchina), creatures who were considered gods, but always acted as messengers. Hopis respectfully call them “highly esteemed, respected Knowers.” Kachina were their teachers, lawmakers, righteous mentors of life.

To the question of scientist Joseph F. Blamrich about where the kachina came from and how they looked, The leader of the Hopi, answered: “They came to us from outer space. They came not from our planetary system, but from another, distant which he referred to as planet Toonotaha.

Hopi Indians in ritual costumes depicting Kachina

Thus, these kachinas can be a particularly interesting beings for ancient astronauts theorists

They clearly demonstrate their dances and the custom of making small dolls (kachintihus) for their children, depicting these mysterious kachina so that the children get used to the “Knowers.”explained the leader.

These same mysterious “Holders of secret knowledge of their homeland” which are portrayed in traditional ceremonies as “elders who came from heaven”, left the Hopi when they considered that they had told them enough information about the nature and life of man, The Universe and the Creator, and founded their own settlement – the so-called Oraibi. The religious-worldview ideas of the Hopis are based on this information.

Hopi Indians often used to have colorful dance ceremonies dedicated to kachinas for which the Indians put on costumes with masks depicting these kachinas. Ceremonies are held now, but they are not so massive and vibrant as they used to be.


Kachina myths literally permeate the whole world of Hopi representations (as well as groups of Zuni tribes), representations of both the everyday and sacred plan. Images of kachina are closely related to the earliest legends about the universe, about their origin, travels and the transfer of knowledge.

Kachinas were depicted in the form of figures (wooden dolls), graphically (cave paintings), and also indirectly through costumes and masks. Each of these masks can be considered as a display and an “abridged version” of the image of a god-like creature.

Kachina costumes
dance in kachina costumes

Since the Hopi did not possess even primitive writing, they Only had old storytellers (the Hopi highly valued such old men) who had a good memory and had unparalleled cultural importance for the community.

Everything that they managed to collect and remember in unwritten times was stored in their brains; moreover, they had neither archiving, nor a reference and search system. The death of one of these elders was tantamount to the death of an entire city library: many of the most valuable arrays of information were irretrievably lost … “

These dolls reproduce images Of beings in helmets (an aspect that make them look closer to the space suit of astronauts) with horns resembling antennas. This symbolism clearly indicates that they were far advanced beings.

Hopi dolls

In addition, ancient cave paintings depict oval and round kachina devices, the so-called “flying shields”, with which they could soar freely over land and ponds, rise from the clouds and return home to their home planet. (These drawings can be compared with modern UFO descriptions, which the Hopi religious leaders particularly insist.

Cave paintings by hopi tribe depicting tha kachinas
cave paintings by the hopi tribe

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