UFO Spotted On Live Television In Rome

The world is undergoing changes never seen before in the modern era. In the midst of the pandemic we are faced with an unusual spike in UFO sightings around the world. (UFO Spotted On Live Television)

UFO Spotted On Live Television

Mysterious lights and strange objects have been reported in the night skies since the COVID-19 outbreak began. For example, there have been UFO sightings in Belgium, the United Kingdom, and the United States among others.

An unusual phenomenon is also occurring on the deserted streets of Rome. UFO fleets have been recorded over the skies of the Italian capital.

Many have become ufologists to pass the time and end up witnessing the impossible. And the same is what has happened during a live telecast from Sant’Angelo Castle, a short distance from Vatican City.

On the night of May 8, 2020, during the news on the Spanish television channel Telecinco, a disc-shaped luminous object appeared passing over the Roman monument Castillo de Sant’Angelo, located on the right bank of the Tiber River.

The UFO was seen by several viewers during a live connection at 20:45 local time, where the situation of the pandemic in Italy was reported.

At a given moment, the presenter of Informativos Telecinco, Pedro Piqueras, gives way to the correspondent in Rome Darío Menor. As the Spanish journalist spoke, a strange light object appeared, moving from left to right of the images.

The elongated UFO seemed to come from Saint Peter’s Square in Vatican City and was heading towards the center of Rome. The images show the rapid passage of an elongated white light object, which appears and disappears in seconds.

Some experts in the field say that the strange object would seem to be composed of at least four luminous spheres, attached to each other.

The spheres become visible when the object itself disappears. As you can see, the speed is incredibly fast and the color extremely bright white. There is also no sound heard as it hover in the sky.

UFO Spotted On Live Television

Believers are convinced that this is not a coincidence. Among the many theories, there is one that says that the pandemic we live in “was created by aliens to force humans to confine themselves to their homes and thus prepare for their arrival on Earth.”

It would be something like the opposite scenario that is proposed by the science fiction writer HG Wells in the novel “The war of the worlds”, where the aliens ended up exterminated by germs and bacteria for which their immune system was not prepared.

However, there is another possibility to explain the increase in UFO sightings worldwide.

It could be that, because the pandemic is spreading like a “wildfire”, aliens would be leaving our planet to stay away from the disease.

And if this is true, then there will be a much larger increase in UFO sightings as they appear from underground bases and leave Earth’s atmosphere.

Although it must also be said that skeptics have a completely different opinion.

They say that the strange object is simply a bird, quite possibly a seagull, and that its wings can be seen just as it disappears, as it changes its trajectory immediately.

What is most striking is that with such a high image quality the object is blurred. If it were a bird, its shape would be appreciated, and this is not the case.

What do you think about the UFO during the live connection? Is it a UFO of extraterrestrial origin, a drone or a bird? Watch the video below and leave us your comment below.

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