Katie McDaniel: Woman Who Went To Hell And Heaven: Saw Devil And Talked To God

Katie McDaniel of Washington State, USA, was almost killed after being put into a coma owing to lung difficulties, and she has recently authored a book on her afterlife experience. Katie, who had been plunged into a drug-induced coma, had significant pulmonary insufficiency and was placed on a ventilator.

She was thought to have spent three weeks in a state comparable to profound slumber, under the care of doctors, but she said she was in another planet at the time – Hell, as she later discovered.

Katie claims she “woke up” in a “scary foreign environment” after the doctor told her she would go asleep and then injected her with medicines. She witnessed awful entities she refers to as devils, as well as many bodies of aborted babies, and was even assaulted by a gang of guys who claimed to be AIDS patients. But then there was an “explosion,” and Katie was whisked away “to Heaven,” where she encountered something quite different, namely “pleasure like no other.” And now, 22 years later, she has written a book called “Misfit in Hell to Heaven Expat” on her odd journey.

Katie McDaniel And Her Time In Hell

Katie McDaniel, who is now 75 years old, gave an interview to the Daily Star:

“My memoirs trace the history of my family, mostly British with a little Irish touch, from my harrowing near-death experiences in 2000 to the present day, as I continue to share the heavenly message that no one should go to Hell.”

According to Katie, after she was in a coma, she “woke up” in the dark and soon a reddish glow appeared from somewhere.

“But then it became a little foggy, dull and warm, and it smelled of something bad, and then it became brighter and I began to hear these moans and screams somewhere in the side.

I thought, “This is definitely something bad,” and then suddenly a Voice came from somewhere and asked, “Do you know where you are?” My thoughts rushed about, and the only thing I could think of was to tell him “In Hell”, after which he laughed horribly. I turned and ran into the darkness. “

Then Katie suddenly began to fall into different places, each of which was worse than the last. Each of these places had its own special “scenario” of torment. One of the worst things for her was to be in the hallway with a terrible demon who told her that she needed to grab what was behind one door and carry it to the next door.

Katie McDaniel And Her Time In Hell

“He (the demon) was standing there with his arms crossed over his chest and pointing out where I should go. I entered this room and there were hospital gurneys with women. They were wearing hospital shirts and their legs were spread wide to the sides.

In front of them sat people on stools and rummaged between the legs of these women. Suddenly one of them raised his hand, covered in blood and mucus, and said to me: “Come here!”

They performed abortions on these women and in his arms was a poor little tattered child, or rather what was left of him, and put him in my arms. I was completely shocked because I have always been against abortion. “

The demon told Katie to take the child to another room.

“There was a huge warehouse, like the Costco company, and there were piles of aborted babies, several meters high. It was too terrible for me, and I could not bear it. I put the baby in there and went back to the hall, but the demon told me : Go back there. “

I told him that I didn’t want to go there again and I wouldn’t do it, and he just smiled and said: “Then you will get something worse.” Katie remembers that she closed her eyes out of fear, and when she opened them again, she found herself in another place in Hell, where there was already another “scenario” of her torment.

According to her, her time in Hell lasted two whole years. At some point, Katie could not stand it and began to sing loudly Christmas carols, and then her endless torment suddenly ended and she felt an “explosion” around her.

“It was like bathing in love. All you can think of was a wonderful million dollar sensation. I was so happy that everything hellish that had happened before was gone. Now I was in this bliss of happiness.”

And then Katie McDaniel saw her old friend who had previously died of leukemia. He was standing right before her.

“I thought,” Thank God, I died and now I’m in Heaven with him, which is great. Although where are all these butterflies and all that? “And he turned to me and said:” Kate, you have too much to do on earth “, after which I thought,” Oh no, they kick me out! “

I told him “No” in full force. I said I wanted to stay here with him, but then he threw me out and BOOM, I woke up. There was a bright light and people were around, I thought, “My God, I’m back in Hell.”

I was so confused until my daughter came up to me and said, “Mom, you really were very sick and we already thought we were going to lose you, but you came back and you are fine.”

Then the doctors told Katie McDaniel that it was almost a miracle that she survived the coma and survived. But Katie herself was still devastated to be stripped of her “bliss” and kicked out of Heaven. ” Now she is looking forward to her return to Heaven, but first she wants to spread her message that it depends on us where we go after death.

“The bottom line is that we ourselves create our own Hell. It was only during that short stay in heaven that I learned that God is almighty and all-forgiving, period.”

Well! what are your previous when it comes to death and the afterlife? Do share with us in the comment section.

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