Is There A Colony Of Kidnapped Children On Mars? Shocking Claims

In the realm of space exploration, there are numerous intriguing theories that have captured the imaginations of many. However, it is crucial to separate fact from fiction. While some individuals passionately claim that everything we know about space is a fabrication, let’s examine these theories and scrutinize them for the sake of clarity. Is there a colony of kidnapped children on Mars?

One commonly held belief suggests that humans have never set foot on the moon. Another theory proposes that Pluto exists solely as a holographic projection. Astonishingly, some even assert that former President Obama embarked on not one but two visits to Mars. These captivating claims have attracted the attention of conspiracy theorists, who passionately advocate for their validity.

A focal point of suspicion centers around NASA, an organization that has been accused of concealing the truth since its inception in 1958. Nevertheless, amidst the various theories, one particular notion stands out as exceptionally controversial—the alleged existence of a secret Martian colony, supposedly established in 1940.

The Conspiracy Theory Of Human Colonies On Mars

According to this theory, secret societies leveraged covert bases in South America and Antarctica to construct the colony, utilizing knowledge obtained from ancient Far Eastern space programs and extraterrestrial councils of civilizations. This mysterious venture supposedly delved into enigmatic technologies like space-time portals.

Within the realm of Mars, intriguing claims have emerged surrounding alleged colonies and their mysterious encounters. Purportedly, these colonies faced grave challenges, including destructive dust storms that wreaked havoc on their electronic equipment.

In an astonishing twist, it is suggested that in 1952, the Martian secret societies showcased their power by confronting Washington DC. Allegedly, the motive behind this display of force stemmed from American interests seeking control over the established alliance and the Martian bases.

Unexpectedly, the tables turned as the Martian secret societies reportedly gained dominance over the red planet’s high-tech industries and positions of authority. At first glance, this tale appears more akin to a captivating script for a Hollywood production than a factual account.

However, it is essential to approach these assertions with a discerning eye, recognizing that they lack substantial evidence. Particularly, the notion of kidnapped children being sent to Mars to serve as slaves in a secret colony has recently gained attention, primarily due to the promotion of this conspiracy theory by a former CIA officer.

Yet, NASA, in an unprecedented move, has firmly denied the existence of such a conspiracy, categorizing it as baseless and without merit.

Is There A Colony of Kidnapped Children on Mars?

Guy Webster, a spokesman for NASA’s Mars Exploration, told The Daily Beast that, contrary to allegations made by Robert David Steele, a retired CIA agent on the popular show “The Alex Jones ShowThere is no human being on Mars.

“There are no humans on Mars, there are only motor vehicles operating there,” Webster said. “However, this stupid rumor in the network has apparently become information.

Is There A Colony Of Kidnapped Children On Mars? Shocking Claims

NASA, as a general rule, is reluctant to address rumors and conspiracy theories. However, there are times when they have been forced to deny certain information, Internet rumors, or statements that cause public consternation. For example, the US space agency issued a statement in 2012 stating that the Mayan Calendar did not mark the end of the world.

In this particular case, Robert David Steele told Alex Jones: “In fact, we believe that there is a colony on Mars that is populated by children who were kidnapped and sent into space in a 20-year journey. So once they reach Mars they have no choice but to be slaves in the Martian colony. “

Alex Jones is known for spreading conspiracy theories as the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School never occurred and that the Boston Marathon bombing was a hoax by the government, and claims that President Donald Trump is one of his Millions of listeners and followers. According to Steele, the government does not want to know what is happening on Mars because they turn off spacecraft each time they pass over the colonies.

“Look, I know 90 percent of NASA’s missions are secret, and I’ve been told by top space agency engineers that we have no idea,” Steele continued. “There are so many things that are happening.”

Is There A Colony Of Kidnapped Children On Mars? Shocking Claims

“Contrary to some information, there is no pending announcement of NASA on extraterrestrial life,” wrote Professor Zurbuchen.

There are many who do not understand how NASA has declined to deny a simple theory of conspiracy. For it is not a simple story invented, perhaps reality outweighs fiction. You never know.

Do you think there are colonies of kidnapped children on Mars? Or maybe it’s a science fiction comic?

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