Amazing Video shows Lightning makes UFO disappear in Russia

Russia October 8 of this year. The location of the extraordinary event is unknown for the moment. A Video shows how Lightning makes UFO disappear.

Lightning makes UFO disappear

In Russia, it is normal for the vast majority of vehicles to have one or two cameras located inside them, especially when it is a means of public transport, such as taxis.(Lightning makes UFO disappear)

The witness mistakenly identified it as a ball ray, but everyone knows that this type of phenomenon rarely appears, and we can contemplate that this orb-shaped light appears from right to left, to be “sucked” by the same ray.

However, the ball beam is not so big, nor can it change the speed in this way, moving intelligently and upwards, wherein a matter of thousandths of a second it disappears.

Naturally, it does not mean that it disappeared within the ray, but perhaps it is a crucial moment to teleport for the energy that this generates and can open a portal, or perhaps we are facing a fleeting impulse to leave as quickly as possible outside our planet.(Lightning makes UFO disappear)

Researcher Scott Waring examined the video and stated that the sphere of light has a size that varies between approximately 20-30 meters.

Lightning makes UFO disappear

“Really this UFO or light orb is huge. The truth is that there has never been a sphere as large as the one we are contemplating. ”

“In addition, this object seems to change speed as it approaches the eyewitness. The UFO accelerates, dramatically slows down, and passes over the roofs of houses. Later it disappears in the lightning storm. ”

“Only a smartly controlled device could have some control over its speed. Nor is it a plane because it has no wings and its speed is too high. ”

Waring concludes: “This is absolutely an alien medium that crosses Russia. I have no doubt about this object that we are facing an apparatus from another world and that perhaps it is not manned. We found a sophisticated drone with an alien origin. ”

Do you really think that this may have extraterrestrial origin or are we facing another phenomenon of our own nature? Watch the following video and leave your comment below.

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