Manananggal Like Scary Winged Creature Is Causing Panic And Trauma In The Philippines

Police in the Philippines are trying to quell panic in the city of Talisay, which began to escalate after two girls said they encountered a scary Manananggal-like creature that had wings.

Manananggal Like Scary Winged Creature Is Causing Panic And Trauma In The Philippines

A similar creature from Philippine folklore is called Manananggal, and people believe that it was he who was spotted by the children. In particular, the inhabitants of the Sitio Mangga district are very frightened, and they tell horror stories that the manananggal wanders around their houses at night.

The Manananggal

The Manananggal is a mythical creature in Philippine folklore that is known for its ability to detach its upper torso from its lower body and fly using bat-like wings. The name “Manananggal” comes from the Tagalog words “tanggal” (to remove) and “mana” (inheritance or legacy), as it is believed that the creature passes down its abilities from one generation to another.

The Manananggal is often depicted as a beautiful woman by day, but at night, she transforms into a terrifying creature that feeds on the blood of pregnant women and fetuses. It is said that the Manananggal uses its long, proboscis-like tongue to puncture the bellies of its victims and suck out their blood. Some variations of the myth also say that the Manananggal can use its tongue to reach into a house and steal an unborn child from its mother’s womb.

According to folklore, the Manananggal can only be killed by a special type of bamboo stake that is blessed by a priest or by exposing the creature’s lower half to salt or garlic, which prevents it from reattaching itself. Other methods of repelling the Manananggal include placing crushed garlic around the windows and doors of a house or hanging a stingray’s tail from the roof.

While the origins of the Manananggal myth are unclear, it is believed to have been influenced by various cultural and religious traditions, including the belief in shape-shifting creatures in Southeast Asia and the concept of vampires in European folklore. The Manananggal is often portrayed as a cautionary tale to discourage women from engaging in promiscuous behavior or to warn them about the dangers of giving birth to illegitimate children.

Today, the Manananggal continues to be a popular figure in Philippine popular culture, appearing in movies, television shows, and video games. Its image has been appropriated for various purposes, from horror-themed merchandise to political cartoons. Despite its enduring popularity, the Manananggal remains a deeply rooted part of Philippine folklore and a testament to the country’s rich cultural heritage.

Manananggal Like Winged Creature Seen In Portugal

The creature was first seen on February 7, 2023. Two girls (age not specified) were walking between houses when they saw something very unusual on the roof of a neighboring house.

They are sure that it was a manananggal, because the creature had wings and at the same time it resembled a person. The girls were so frightened by his sight that they were still screaming and crying when the police arrived on the scene.

When the police questioned a man whose house was nearby, he said that he also saw something strange on the roof.

“The police are working hard to shed light on this event. Like you, we also hope to find answers to our questions,” Randy Caballes, head of the Talisay police station, told the press.

A day after that, on February 9, other residents of Sitio Mangga also began to say that they had seen a manananggal. Another similar statement was received on February 11. Then they began to say that this creature had the head of a pig and the body of a man. 

The tension in the community was close to panic and the police had to issue a special appeal in which they asked the public to cooperate and remain calm and refrain from spreading unverified reports of the presence of manananggal in order to prevent panic.

On Friday, Feb. 10, Talisay City Mayor Gerald Anthony Gullas said the two girls who saw the creature would be sent to a psychologist for stress debriefing, a special conversation with survivors of psychological trauma. Apparently, the meeting with this creature greatly affected the psychological state of the girls. 

The police announced that their investigation is still ongoing and that they have not yet received any evidence regarding the creature they saw.

In local mythology, manananggals are described as hideous vampire-like creatures, usually female. It is believed that at night the body of the mananangala is “divided” in half and the upper half, with the help of membranous wings, flies away in search of prey, while the lower half remains in the nest. 

With the help of a proboscis-like tongue, these creatures attack sleeping people and suck the blood out of them. Favorite prey are pregnant women.

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