The Loch Ness Monster Nessie: Sonar Images Show A Large Object At The Bottom Of Loch Ness

Loch Ness is an extraordinary body of water, the largest by volume in the British Isles, and its size and depth can undoubtedly hide many mysteries, like a monster. 
The first sighting of the Loch Ness monster was recorded in AD 565 St. Columba, an Irish monk, was traveling through Scotland when he encountered a group of people burying a man near the River Ness. 
When he asked what had happened, they claimed that the man had tried to cross the river and was attacked by a monstrous water beast.

 Curious, Columba asked one of his followers to try to swim across the river. A monster approached him, but Columba stepped forward and, making the sign of the cross, said: “Go no further. Don’t touch the man. Come back at once “. And the monster fled before him.

Since then there have been countless sightings of the so-called Nessie, leading many to speculate that it is a plesiosaur that managed to survive the passage of time or an aquatic dinosaur that is believed to be extinct. 
However, since the lake froze during the last ice ages, the chance of a plesiosaur surviving in the lake is slim. 

For this reason, many agree that Nessie must actually be an ancient type of meandering neck whale. 
Others have ruled out the presence of a creature, saying the sightings are misidentified animals or oscillations in the lake’s surface caused by colder river water running into the warmer lake.

 But now, near the end of 2020, we may have irrefutable proof of its existence.

The Most Convincing Evidence Of The Loch Ness Monster Nessie Till Now

The “most convincing” evidence for Nessie’s existence has been recorded more than 150 meters deep in Loch Ness. 
Experts in the field have been surprised by the clarity of the image of an object, estimated to be 10 meters long . 
The sonar image was captured by Cruise Loch Ness tourism company manager Ronald Mackenzie while driving a catamaran Wednesday afternoon.

“It was a bit boring day and we only had 12 passengers ,” Mackenzie told the Daily Record newspaper .“We were at our midpoint of Invermoriston, where we turned around. 
The water is 189 meters deep there. The passengers were quite excited because we had just seen a sea eagle, but then I saw something more striking in the sonar. 

It was right in the middle of the lake about 170 meters deep. It was big, at least 10 meters. The contact lasted 10 seconds as we passed. 

I have been on the lake since I was 16 and have never seen anything like it. We have a state of the art real sonar on the new ship. 

it Does not lie. Capture what is there. All points closest to the surface are schools of arctic trout and further down there are ferox trout, so it gives you a good idea of ​​the size of this large crescent shape. I think there is something in the lake that nobody knows what it is,

The Loch Ness Monster Nessie: Sonar Images Show A Large Object At The Bottom Of Loch Ness

For his part, Craig Wallace, a renowned sonar expert, claimed that the image is “100% real”, but ruled out that it was Nessie.

“I think the big sturgeons go into Loch Ness ,” Wallace explained. “It can be a sturgeon or a small school of fish. But it is certainly a fascinating and interesting contact and it certainly adds to the Nessie debate. “

Another Nessie expert, Steve Feltham, who set a world record for the longest search for the Loch Ness monster, said the sonar image is the “most compelling” evidence for the legendary creature he has ever seen.

“It’s very exciting ,” Feltham said. “I have known Ronald Mackenzie for 30 years. He is a Highland man who does not seek publicity and shies away from Nessie’s fanciful theories. Within seven minutes of receiving the sonar contact, he sent me a message. “

The Loch Ness Monster Nessie: Sonar Images Show A Large Object At The Bottom Of Loch Ness

This 2020 only needed something to make it truly unique, for the Loch Ness monster to appear.

Leaving aside the debate about its existence, what is clear is that the Loch Ness monster refuses to be forgotten , even in the age of technology, where everyone is ceasing to believe in myths and legends. Nessie wants to last in time.

What do you think about the sonar image? Is it one of the best evidences of the existence of the Loch Ness monster?

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