Mars rover: The SUV with which NASA wants to travel Mars

Mars rover

The NASA Kennedy Space Center introduced the Mars Rover off-road vehicle, a concept of a Martian vehicle capable of facing any obstacle on the red planet.

The first news about the peculiar vehicle arose in May of 2017, and now, the device has been formally presented to the public during the scientific event Summer on Mars.

The six-wheeled SUV is 8.5 meters long, 3.4 meters high, and has a width of 4 meters. It houses up to four people in its cabin, although they will hardly feel comfortable, emphasizes an article of Popular Mechanics magazine.

The mission of the Mars Rover is to recognize the terrain, but can also be equipped with a mobile scientific module with two people on board. However, even though the vehicle is fully serviceable, this particular prototype will not cross the sands and rocks of Mars.

Its mission, according to the creators and NASA itself, is to “inspire the new generations for space exploration.” This will be his task in a part of the exhibition Summer on Mars, aimed at bringing visitors the promises and challenges of the Martian exploration.

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