Scientists find two new moons on Jupiter

Two new moons more than 1600 meters long were discovered around the giant planet Jupiter. And they did not find the Juno spacecraft, which walks in that system studying the colossus, but by observations from Earth. In comparison, the so-called Jovian planet has a diameter of about 139,000 kilometers.(Scientists find two new moons on Jupiter)

Moons are 21 and 24 million kilometers from Jupiter.

The discovery came to be the planet in the observation field when astronomers Scott Sheppard (DTM), David Tholen (University of Hawaii) and Chadwick Trujillo (University of Northern Arizona) escudriñanan the distant sky for the coveted planet in September.(Scientists find two new moons on Jupiter)

That happened in the observations of March 2016 and 2017. They could see several moons of the planet in the foreground while they observed the objects of background. Thus, they were able to identify most of the known moons, while discovering several unknown or lost, whose orbits are not well known so far to know their location accurately.

Several new moons had been discovered in 2003, 14 of which were not seen again and remained in the catalogs until 2016. Sheppard and colleagues rediscovered 5 of those moons by linking the 2016 and 2017 observations with the objects seen in 2003.

Scientists find two new moons on Jupiter

It is possible that all the losses are in the new observations, but we will have to wait for new observations to confirm it and that will be in 2018.

The two new moons, named S / 2016 J 1 and S / 2017 J 2 are not lost, confirmed the researchers and had not been previously observed. With this finding,

there are 69 natural satellites around the largest of the planets in the Solar System.


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