A NASA image shows a metal sheet with a perfect circle on Mars, extraterrestrial evidence?

Since ancient man began to take an interest in what was beyond our planet, we have known that there is something special about Mars. Although it is much smaller than Earth, Mars has many similarities with our planet, with its many similar geological features, including the polar ice caps and what appear to be beds of ancient (but now dry) rivers. But is there life on Mars? Despite the scientific controversy, the truth is that there is no conclusive evidence that there is life on Mars. However, the possibility that there was some kind of life on the red planet is not ruled out. (metal sheet with a perfect circle on Mars)

We can also say that we only have the images sent by the different rovers and probes on Mars so that a simple deposit of rock or mineral could be evidence of structures of extraterrestrial civilizations. And the truth is that some photos that continue without explanation. This is the case of an incredible panoramic published on the NASA website that clearly shows a metal piece with a hole in the center. (metal sheet with a perfect circle on Mars)

An irrefutable proof

Experts in space anomalies have discovered in a NASA Mars image something really strange on the surface of the red planet. Apparently, the panoramic was sent by the Curiosity rover, and you can see the strange object that stands out quite among the rocks around it (you can see the original image 1 and 2 ).

The YouTube channel “WhatsUpInTheSky37” was the one who found the mysterious object and points out that, although at first glance it looks like a simple rock, it has apparently artificial characteristics.

“At first it looks like a strangely shaped rock, but as you approach it begins to take on a more fabricated structure,” explains WhatsUpInTheSky37 in a video uploaded on March 8. “This strange piece seems to be an object created and destroyed like most things we have seen on Mars. I can say it is not from the rover since there is no trace of its wheels around. You will notice the great circular hole perfect in the middle. “

metal sheet with a perfect circle on Mars - A NASA image shows a metal sheet with a perfect circle on Mars, extraterrestrial evidence?

WhatsUpInTheSky37 also suggests that it could be a triangular piece of very sharp metal from something left by an ancient civilization that once existed on the red planet. And he adds that Mars was once the same as Earth until some kind of cataclysm made it totally uninhabitable.(metal sheet with a perfect circle on Mars)

What makes this particular anomaly quite intriguing is that unlike other strange Martian finds , it is quite simple and direct. The object is similar to a triangular piece of sheet metal, with what appears to be a perfect circle cut out. As expected, this surprising discovery caught the attention of leading experts in the field who argue that Mars is full of evidence that there was an ancient Martian civilization.

The popular ufologist Scott C. Waring says it is irrefutable proof that aliens have been very present on the Martian surface in the past.

“This object has the perfect appearance of sheet metal with a perfect circle,” writes Waring in his blog UFO Sightings Daily. “The circle has not been cut but has been designed in it, since we see the smooth edges. NASA has a photo editing team at the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center that corrects an anomaly that may have been created by aliens, however, they have not done so in this. I can not say that they happened by accident since it is very evident, but probably they did it on purpose to cover up the truth. An incredible discovery that is indisputable proof that there were intelligent extraterrestrials on Mars. “

As we can see, some experts in the field have suggested that the object is a piece of metal manufactured by an ancient Martian civilization. Others have proposed that it could actually be of terrestrial origin, quite possibly from a space probe that lost the piece of sheet metal. And, of course, the skeptics assure that it is not metal and is, in fact, just another rock that seems unique due to the phenomenon of pareidolia.(metal sheet with a perfect circle on Mars)

metal sheet with a perfect circle on Mars - A NASA image shows a metal sheet with a perfect circle on Mars, extraterrestrial evidence?

But it may not be evidence of extraterrestrial life, rather than the image was taken from Earth. There are many conspiracy theorists who have long denounced by active and passive that all the activity of NASA on Mars is actually on Devon Island in Canada, an uninhabited place that the US space agency itself has admitted is very similar to the Martian surface. Then, the animals found as squirrels, lizards, rats or rabbits would really be there. What’s more, if you look at Devon Island in Google Earth, you’ll see high-definition photos of NASA scientists in spacesuits and driving vehicles that are supposedly on Mars.(metal sheet with a perfect circle on Mars)

What do you think of this new evidence? Is it a metal piece? Irrefutable proof of an ancient intelligent extraterrestrial civilization on Mars? Or is it part of the trash on the island of Devon Island?

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