300 secret documents seized after the death of Nikola Tesla

More than 300 secret documents that were seized by the US government After the death of Nikola Tesla are now available for free download.(documents seized after the death of Nikola Tesla)

documents seized after the death of Nikola Tesla

The documents confiscated by the FBI after the death of Nikola Telsa have long remained a secret kept by the United States government.

Tesla came up with the idea of ​​alternating current and the AC motor that we still use today, and it can be said that he is perhaps one of the most despised scientists who have ever lived on Earth.

As we have said in previous articles, more than 90 percent of your inventions are used continuously today or are parts of other final products that have been developed in the near past.

The batch of documents, available thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, reveals the government’s interest in the so-called death ray weapon invented by Nikola Tesla. The documents also reveal that Nikola Tesla did not die on January 7, 1943, as was previously believed, but on January 8, 1943.(documents seized after the death of Nikola Tesla)

The documents available on the FBI website reveal a wealth of previously unknown information, which has been kept secret for more than 75 years after the Federal Bureau of Investigation confiscated around two Nikola Tesla document trucks.(documents seized after the death of Nikola Tesla)

“On Saturday evening, January 9, Gorsuch and Fitzgerald of Alien Property Control went to the hotel and confiscated all of Tesla’s property, which consists of approximately two trucks loaded with material, sealed all the items and transferred them to Manhattan. Storage and Warehouse CO. New York, where they are now. “

documents seized after the death of Nikola Tesla

The documents reveal the government’s great interest in Telsa’s armed inventions, such as the death ray, a device that conspiracy theories claimed to have existed for decades, but was kept secret.

After Tesla’s death, the US government rushed to take possession of his documents and inventions for fear that Tesla’s work would fall into the hands of the enemies of the United States, who could make use of these inventions and obtain an advantage in wars.

Among the multitude of documents, plans and inventions, it is interesting to find a letter addressed to J. Edgar Hoover, who was the first Director of the FBI. The importance of an article in which Tesla talks about the mortal ray weapon and its “crucial importance” for the future war is highlighted, and how the country that possesses such a weapon would have a great advantage over its enemies.(documents seized after the death of Nikola Tesla)

Given the nature of such a weapon, it was recommended that Tesla constantly remain under “protection” from possible enemy spies who may have a great interest in obtaining “the secret of such a valuable instrument of war and defense.”

The documents published by the FBI also mention how Nikola Tesla had developed, in addition to the Ray of Death, a futuristic torpedo that no other nation on Earth possessed at that time.

Documents that have now been declassified are now available to the general public and can be downloaded here . What’s your opinion about it? Leave your comment below.

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