Alien Abduction of Japanes First Lady

Ex-Japanese First Lady Miyuki Hatoyama Claimed To Have Visited Venus In A UFO And Met Tom Cruise In Past Life

The wife of a former Japanese Prime Minister has claimed that she visited Venus in a UFO and met Tom Cruise in a past life. While her claims have raised some eyebrows and sparked controversy, her beliefs about extraterrestrial life and reincarnation are not uncommon.

Miyuki Hatoyama
Miyuki Hatoyama

Many people around the world believe in the possibility of life on other planets, and the idea of past lives has been a topic of discussion for centuries. Some believe that our souls are reincarnated into different bodies, and that our experiences in previous lives can impact our current live.

Miyuki Hatoyama, the wife of Japan’s then-recently elected prime minister, claimed in her 2009 book, “Very Strange Things I’ve Encountered,” that 20 years earlier, while she was asleep, aliens abducted her and took her to Venus in a triangular-shaped UFO.

“While my body was asleep, I think my soul rode on a triangular-shaped UFO and went to Venus. It was a very beautiful place, and it was very green.”

Miyuki Hatoyama wrote about her alien abduction experience.

Former actress, stylist, interior designer, cookbook author and divorcee Miyuki Hatoyama has done it all. Her outlandish tales did not end there; she also claimed to have met Tom Cruise in a past life when he was a Japanese version of himself. Moreover, she said that she met him in this life in order to make a Hollywood movie.

“I have a dream that I still believe will come true, which is to make a film in Hollywood,” she said. “The lead actor is Tom Cruise, of course. Why? Because he was Japanese in a previous life.”

Miyuki Hatoyama
Miyuki Hatoyama with her husband and former Japan’s Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama
Miyuki Hatoyama with her husband and former Japan’s Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama

“I believe he’d [Tom Cruise] get it if I said to him ‘Long time no see’ when we meet.”

In one of her interview

Miyuki’s ex-husband said it was all a dream when she told him about her experience. She knew her new spouse Yukio would not have responded the same way.

“My current husband has a different way of thinking. He would surely say, ‘Oh, that’s great.”

Miyuki Hatoyama

As the former first lady of Japan, who was known for her strange behavior, told stories to the media about interplanetary travel and breakfasts on the sun, Yukio reassured the US that Japan was committed to the relationship between the two countries. 

“I eat the sun,”, raising her arms as if to tear pieces off an imaginary sun. “Like this: yum, yum, yum. It gives me enormous energy. My husband has recently started doing that too.”

Miyuki Hatoyama

The grandson of Yukio Hatoyama served in the parliament for only 10 months, from September 2009 to June 2010. Parliamentary colleagues gave Yukio, then 62, the moniker “the alien” because of his unusually large eyes.

Due to the lower interest in UFO phenomena in Japan as compared to the western world, the story of Miyuki did not make it to the world news. The former prime minister’s wife is not the first to claim contact with extraterrestrial life, as there have been numerous claims of alien encounters and visits to other planets. But without scientific evidence to back up these claims, it is hard to know if they are true or not. 

Yukio Hatoyama
Yukio Hatoyama

As for the claim of meeting Tom Cruise in a past life, it is important to note that past life experiences are subjective and cannot be verified. While some may find comfort in the idea of having lived previous lives, others may view it as nothing more than fantasy.

In conclusion, the claims made by the former Japanese Prime Minister’s wife are not supported by scientific evidence and should be taken with a grain of skepticism. However, her beliefs about extraterrestrial life and reincarnation are shared by many people around the world, and are a testament to the diversity of human beliefs and experiences.

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