The Pyramid Of The End of The World: Mysterious Ruin Of The Cold War

The ‘Pyramid of the end of the world’ is located in North Dakota and is seen by many as a point of collision between two worlds. This structure and its surrounding facilities cost around 6,000 million dollars at the time of construction and the project was a defensive platform to protect the US. from the Soviet missiles during the cold war.

A pyramid in North Dakota is as mysterious as it is real, and it is not ancient, it is modern since it was built to “save the world”. You’ve probably never heard it before, but it represents the point of collision of two worlds on a radar that is a pyramid-shaped structure. It was built to protect the American country from a possible nuclear attack by the Soviets during the Cold War.

The Pyramid Of The End of The World: Mysterious Ruin Of The Cold War

The End of the World Pyramid is part of the Stanley R. Mickelsen security complex and was abandoned about 40 years ago, giving rise to all kinds of theories and intrigues: the Illuminati refuge base, the secret base where alien technology is tested, secret human experiments, and much more.

Some believe that it was closed because the station was shown to be ineffective, and others believe that the maintenance costs were simply too high, but there are also those who believe that this station has not been closed and that it is still in operation today, not as a defensive compound, but as an installation similar to the Sweet Base.

The Pyramid Of The End of The World: Mysterious Ruin Of The Cold War

The Pyramid of the End of the World is located in a rural area of ​​North Dakota and is one of the main constructions of the nuclear paranoia of the 20th century. These “ruins” of the Cold War, a huge pyramid that protrudes into the Dakota landscape The North has given rise to all kinds of modern stories and legends.

The massive project had cost the US government 5.7 billion dollars to build it, but in February 1976, after only three months of its full operational capacity and one year of active work, it was dismantled … according to official reports.

The base was designed to stop the Soviet missiles launched from the North Pole, which were to be intercepted in Canadian territory. At the time of construction, the huge Pyramid mobilized the economy of the area and up to four thousand people lived on it. But the project lasted only six months after which it was canceled (“officially”).

In the 1980s, the pyramid served as a youth camp and in 2012 the structure was auctioned by the government. It is well known that these relics of the nuclear age are ‘sought’ in millenary circles by people of high purchasing power, of some lodge.

According to the Fusion website, the religious community Hutterita, a pacifist sect, managed to acquire the property for $ 530,000, surpassing the county of Cavalier, which sought to convert it into a tourist destination. According to reports, the county was extremely disappointed to have lost the auction.

The religious group that now owns the pyramid does not give much information about what happens inside. What do you think? Leave your comment below!!

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