A computer program predicts Apocalypse for the year 2020

According to the scientific journal Nature , an asteroid will impact Earth on March 16, 2880 and destroy it, this is assured no matter how much we deny it. But on the other hand, Isaac Newton, based on the predictions of St. John the Divine, calculated that the apocalypse would come in 2020.
Now, a computer program has calculated the same, the year 2020 seems to be a new date for the end of the world.

The idea that we are living in a historical era, even apocalyptic, exerts a powerful attraction on the human mind.
The theology of the end of time is a religious concept, but it arises in many other systems of thought. 

Marxism and neoliberalism were based on the narrative of the “end of history”. Nor is scientific thinking immune: the scientific community has been studying existential risk for decades. You do not have to believe in the four horseman  to see the apocalypse come.

“In particular, we do not know anything about 2020. But it is a useful thing to translate excerpts from Newton’s works. And their searches, which may seem half crazy, can be interesting. After all, he was not only a physicist and a mathematician, but also an alchemist, and he did not disdain reflections on the mystical, metaphysical side of life. “

Scientists repeat again and again that the end of the world is so far away that it is not worth worrying about.
But the reality is that the end of times as we know them, also known as the current civilisation, is a different matter. 

There is an emerging thread of scientific thinking that ensures that its decline and its fall has already begun, or will soon.

There seems to be little reason to doubt that civilisation will collapse in the near future. And unless it is immune, it will follow the path of all previous civilisations.
Recent political events and long-term environmental trends offer little or no reassurance. 

In addition, artificial intelligence and synthetic biology are becoming a worrying threat.

A computer program developed by a team of researchers at MIT in 1973 predicted the date of the apocalypse.
The apocalyptic computer model processed by one of the most powerful computers in the world in those days reveals that the world will end in 2040. However, according to the program there will be a major change in 2020.

In addition, it revealed that the drastic increase in population and pollution are the two main factors that play a crucial role in the end of civilisation.

The world, following the data revealed by the program, can not sustain the current increase in population and industrial growth that will eventually result in a collapse in 2040. And, to top it off, it also predicted that the availability of natural resources will drastically deplete in the first half of the 21st century.

The 1973 report has recently been disseminated by various media, since a major event mentioned by the computer program will occur with By 2020,  and the quality of life on Earth will decrease rapidly and the condition of the planet will become very critical.

“If we do not do anything about it, the quality of life will be reduced to zero. The pollution will become so severe that it will begin to kill people, which in turn will cause the population to decrease, lower than it was in 1900. At this stage, around 2040 to 2050, civilised life forms as we know on this planet will cease to exist. “

It is no coincidence that the real climate changes, the activity of volcanoes, the intensification of seismic activity and bombardment of meteorites,

we must not forget the intense sightings of the comets of the Oort Cloud, are due to the gravitational effect of the planets External Nemesis (Dark Star), which approaches our Solar System.

As we can see, the apocalyptic prediction this time has not been done by any expert in biblical prophecies, nor numerologist, nor Nostradamus type prophet. It is about scientific calculations that predicts the end of our civilisation for just two years. And the worst of all is that the calculations made in 1973 are coinciding with everything that is happening today .

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  1. The asteroid in 2880 is only 0.17 probability of hitting earth. That is very high but also not guaranteed. Try applying a bit more science to your infinity explorations…

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