The strange plane, people in white uniform and an unusual disappearance for 20 minutes

Tells an anonymous user. In those years when it happened, he was still a child.(strange plane)

“It was March 16, 1965, at about 6 pm they fly only along the routes to the north and south.

The closer he got, the better it was clear that in form it was not a plane at all. It was like a few metal rectangular boxes piled on top of each other(strange plane)

strange plane

The front of the “aircraft” occupied a large glass. He did not have wings, and when he flew very close, you could hear a gentle whistling sound. 

When this ship was very close, I noticed inside, behind glass, two people or newcomers who looked like people in white clothes. Their form reminded me of the uniform of American military officers, but these were pure white uniforms, without insignia. And their faces with subtle features for some reason reminded me of typical Britons. (strange plane)

The ship was moving at about 400 feet (121 meters), and suddenly one of his men leaned out of the window and showed the second man something below, on the same side where his mummy was hanging on a rope. 

And when the second man looked in the same direction, they both immediately saw me standing at the house and that I clearly noticed them. After that, their ship abruptly picked up speed and disappeared behind a grove of trees. 

Of course, I immediately rushed to tell my mom about everything. But she was adamant. “You just saw a Soviet satellite passing through the sky,” she said. I tried to convince her that the satellite was moving at such a high altitude that I would hardly have noticed him, she was sure that she was right. (strange plane)

She also denied the presence of people in the “satellite”, referring to my imagination. 

And then it turned out that at this very time, while I was watching the “plane”, my older sister was looking for me and my mom and could not find anywhere. She prepared dinner and began to call us, but neither my mother nor I was anywhere. 

At the same time she went to look for us in the yard and even went to our barn. She was ready to be scared, but after about 20 minutes we appeared and did not seem to disappear anywhere.

As for me, I firmly knew that I was standing not far from the porch on our yard and did not go anywhere. And I told her that. 

strange plane

Later I discovered many more oddities from that evening. I found out that someone had cut off my hair even shorter than it was and that I have two strange scars on my back head (it turned out after a visit to the hairdresser) that I didn’t know its origin. 

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All this was more than 50 years ago and for some time I still tried to tell others about what I had seen, but no one believed me. I do not know what it was, but I doubt that it was a flying saucer or aliens, it looked more like some kind of experimental apparatus. This was the era of new technologies, when everyone was aiming for space. 

However, I don’t know how to explain that strange loss of my mother and me for 20 minutes, when my sister could not find us anywhere. And I have never been so brave as to undergo a regressive hypnosis session and restore the events of that evening. (strange plane)

And something else. When I was undergoing a medical examination for employment, I found out that an old cyst in my right kidney had suddenly disappeared. At that time, I also felt something incomprehensible about the size of a pea to the left of the heart, but this sensation was gone after a few years. “

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