NASA is ready to announce the existence of extraterrestrial life: The Protocol

Imagine if the SETI telescopes capture a signal from a distant star system. What would happen then? Could we understand? Should we respond to this? If so, what should we say and how? Should we go ahead and call them without waiting for them to call first? A book by NASA, considered as a protocol for extraterrestrial contact, entitled: “Archeology, Anthropology, and Interstellar Communication” addresses the subject as never before.

The recent discovery of a solar system that has seven Earth-sized exoplanets located at a distance of 40 light years has led NASA to present a protocol that must be followed to announce to the world the existence of extraterrestrial life.


The seven Earth-like planets – with high life chances that have already developed there – are in the constellation of Aquarius and are part of a weak and cold red dwarf the size of Jupiter, known as TRAPPIST-1. Interestingly, the alien worlds in Trappist-1 are much closer to their star than Earth, so they have the necessary conditions to contain water in a liquid state on its surface. In addition, its extremely narrow distance allows the transfer of organic material from one planet to another, which generates hopes of alien life on more than one planet.

According to Mario Pérez, a member of the astrophysics division of the United States Space Agency, although NASA is still years away from making the announcement of extraterrestrial life,

it was very important to have a protocol that conveys peace and tranquility to the Humanity when the historical event happens

The “alien protocol” was inspired by several sources. One of the most important were the historical precedents of encounters between completely different civilizations on Earth, as happened during the conquest of America when Europeans trod on the “new continent.” Part of the protocol can be found in a book entitled “Archeology, Anthropology, and Interstellar Communication” , a manual manuscript created by NASA as a guide, or designed to prepare humans for contact with possible ways Of extraterrestrial life.

As the book points out, according to Douglas Raybeck: “Perhaps the best model for finding aliens comes from Maori, whose resistance to British incursions earned them the respect of their enemies while helping them to retain their pride after succumbing to a More sophisticated organization with better weapons.

” In addition, “… although each terrestrial culture may have a natural approach to encounter with extraterrestrials, some responses may be more effective than others. Given the likely technological superiority of any extraterrestrial civilization we might contact

, it would be prudent to consider all our options. ” According to experts, it is no longer a question of whether there is life on other planets, but when we will find it. “… Many astronomers have seen the development of intelligent life as an inevitable event given the proper environmental conditions on a planet; And although such beings are not identical with human beings, we must expect to find significant parallels. ”

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