Was the “alien satellite” Black Knight shot down during a secret military mission? (video)

Some days ago a secret Wikileaks server was used to load a large amount of data from an unknown source.

Black Knight

Apparently, all documents and files were tagged with meta tags that contained references to the legendary Black Knight or Black Knight satellite.

This mysterious object is said to have been discovered by Nikola Tesla back in 1932. He was convinced that it was a strange object placed in Earth’s orbit to monitor the evolution of mankind.

A Youtube channel uploaded a video containing images of the Black Knight satellite where it is seen that it is being shot down. The weapon that was used was an anti matter warhead according to Wikileaks documents.

It is unclear who gave the order to bring down this extraterrestrial artifact. In the video, we also glimpsed the secret plane that carried out the attack. After impact, several exhaust caps are thrown back into space.

At this stage, we can only speculate as to why the Black Knight Satellite would have been shot down. Has he been ready to warn his creators to come to Earth? Was the Black Knight Satellite contemplating the boundaries of space for humans who have the ambition of interplanetary travel? Is the video real? We hope you enjoy it, and we encourage you to investigate further on the subject.

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