Images from NASA Curiosity rover shows a bird on Mars

Is this another proof that photos from Mars are actually taken somewhere on Earth? The latest photos from NASA Curiosity rover show a bird on Mars

On June 24, 2019, the Curiosity rover sent another series of images of the Martian surface to Earth. And in one of the pictures, blogger Marcelo Irazusta spotted a dark spot, shaped like a flying eagle or another bird of prey.

Link to this photo on the NASA website here . 

bird on Mars
bird on Mars

According to another version, this is just a UFO of an unusual shape, of which Mars was also seen in abundance. No comments have been received from NASA about this photo. 

bird on Mars

Previously, Internet users were looking at creatures that looked like spiders, rodents, lizards and other terrestrial animals in pictures of the Curiosity rover. Because of this, there is a theory that Martian images come from the earthly desert island of Devon in Canada. On this island, NASA employees previously tested their rovers.(bird on Mars)

The theory that the American program to conquer Mars is an imitation akin to the notorious “lunar scam” is becoming increasingly popular not only in ufological, but also in scientific circles.(bird on Mars)

Under this theory, such researchers, such as the German Gerhard Wisniewski, sum up the financial base: to spend – even for 51 years (since 1964) – 120 billion dollars for a “Martian adventure” at least wasteful. 

Therefore, they say, NASA and decided to fool the world man in the street once again. How reasonable is this conspiracy version? Let’s see. And we immediately point out one sensational circumstance: none of the specialists who doubt that the “Mars program” of the USA is real, does not indicate the place where it is actually carried out. Question: why?(bird on Mars)

A picture of the surface of Mars from NASA. Is it made on Mars?

photos from mars are shot on devon island

Theory of the Question

In front of me is the latest research, which belongs to Richard Hall, a former engineer of the automobile group Rolls-Royce. Hall begins with the fundamentals: explains why NASA made the secret decision to imitate the flight of space probes to Mars – from the previous 44 missions, five were canceled due to the presence of defects found at an early stage in the technique; as a result of accidents, and only six probes from the eleven that allegedly reached Mars orbits did land on the Red Planet. 

However, Hall recalls, information about 44 “successful” Martian missions was driven into the head of the American taxpayer by the media. Otherwise, the public could resent the fact that $ 120 billion – including $ 2.5 billion spent on the new Martian robots Opportunity and Curiosity – were invested in such an inefficient program.

SEE – Why NASA was quick to delete a picture? (deleted picture of mars )

Nevertheless, even creating “rovers”, originally intended for use on Earth and nowhere else, the simulators from the US aerospace agency, in the opinion of the engineer, “saved, considering the entire world community for a certain simpleton.” As a proof: the same Curiosity, which continues to pamper us with pictures (about them later), allegedly “transmitted from Mars”, is equipped with a lithium-ion battery of “power” of 140 (!) Watts. 

Any owner of a modern mobile phone will tell you how quickly such batteries sit down, as soon as the ambient temperature drops below zero. The researcher made the calculations and points out: when NASA claims that the batteries with which the “mars rovers” are equipped, have been working for 10 years or more in the conditions of Mars (where the average annual temperature is minus 55 degrees Celsius), it simply deceives us.

And more than that: the ill-fated 140 watts is not enough even in the greenhouse conditions of the Earth in order to power (often simultaneously) 39 rover engines, similar to Curiosity. Dozens of motors needed by the robot in order, for example, to control the cameras leading the shooting, to move, maneuver, drill rocks.

The American engineer cites dozens of similar facts on 55 pages of his latest research, indicating that the “rovers” never left – and could not leave – the limits of the Earth. But we will not dwell on the above information. And turn to the other.

According to the precepts of cousin Benedict

Fans of Jules Verne will surely remember an episode from the book Fifteen Year Old Captain, when entomologist Cousin Benedict finds an insect that is not found in America. The scientist shouts for joy, believing that he has made the discovery, and explains to the satellites: such insects are characteristic of Africa, but nobody in America has ever found them before. The pirates leading the entomologist and the entire crew of the ship full of slavers are not welcome. In fact, the scientist, unwittingly, exposed the plans of the villains who gave the Black Continent for America.

Now, attention: already in our century, this story repeated itself as a farce … Before me is the study of the American Charles Schulz. It is called “Guide to Martian Fossils.” The scientist, conscientiously analyzing hundreds of photographs allegedly transmitted by Mars rovers from the Red Planet, is full of enthusiasm: “Viking, Pathfinder, MER, Phoenix spacecraft provided us with dozens of evidence that there was life on Mars, or in any case, there was life!” 

Indeed: on the 400 pages of his work, Schulz gives dozens of sensational shots taken from the official NASA website. Here’s a lemming, apparently, drinking water. But the animal’s shin – here the scientist ridicules the ufologists who take it as part of the body of an alien – apparently, the walrus shin. But, finally, very much according to the precepts of cousin Benedict, and the wing of some insect. Against this background, lichen growing on Mars is sheer nonsense.

squirrel spotted on mars

Schulz’s “discoveries” did not like the NASA employees as much as the “discoveries” of Benedict, the captain of the pirates Pereira. Especially since Schultz immediately found numerous followers. For example, American ufologist Scott Waring, who first drew attention to the strangeness of “Martian photography”, allegedly made by Curiosity back in 2012 (now it is on the NASA website). 

Look at it: the photo clearly shows the shadow of a person committing some kind of manipulation of a robot. As soon as the discovery of Waring became public, some hotheads immediately put forward a version according to which the USA already has “secret population bases” on Mars. But now we will disappoint them. As, however, and those who saw a sensational photograph … “Martian dressed in a spacesuit.”

photos from mars are shot on devon island

Not there looking!

The public, flooding NASA with letters to explain the earthly background of photographs allegedly transmitted by the Mars missions from the Red Planet, is almost always skillfully confounded by representatives of the aerospace department.

And that’s why. Enthusiasts are looking for sites for filming, where, they say, imitated the Martian landscapes in the deserts of Nevada and Arizona, the sands of California. To which did the creators of the Martian program quite logically respond: “The remains of walrus, lemmings, lichen – in the desert? Sorry, this is complete nonsense! ”

Well, the way it is. For the real set on which Mars is imitated (and the corresponding photos) is in the Canadian Arctic – on the largest uninhabited island in the world, called Devon . All the flora and fauna, so unsuccessfully falling into the lenses of Curiosity and Opportunity, just characteristic of the conditions of the local tundra. 

And more than that: the landscapes of Devon, on which, apparently, the “space Hollywood” is located, are ideal for turning into Martian landscapes. You put a little red in the same Photoshop program on the pictures taken in Devon, and here you are, please, – “Mars”!

Official information about the communication of Devon and Mars : In July 2004, five scientists and two journalists temporarily settled on Devon Island, who simulated the conditions of life and work on the planet Mars. In addition, on Devon, NASA conducted a program to study geology, hydrology, botany and microbiology. Today, in Dundas Harbor, only the remains of several buildings have been preserved.

As for the mysterious man “on Mars”, who performs some manipulations on the “rover” Curiosity, then he perfectly fits into this version. Firstly, as Richard Hall, an already quoted engineer, rightly points out, the solar batteries that charge the weak “rover” battery would have to be periodically cleaned – whether on the Red Planet or on Earth. 

Devon Island in 2004, when conditions of Mars were modeled on it

photos from mars are shot on devon island
photos from mars are shot on devon island
photos from mars are shot on devon island

Actually, this is the mysterious “Martian”. In quotation marks, it is enclosed for the following reason: by kindly responding to the request of the author of these lines, German experts in the field of multidimensional modeling of objects studied a sensational photograph and concluded that behind the name of the river is the mobile CamelBak drinking system. 

Moreover, in its rather rare modification – Thermobag, which, on the principle of a thermos, keeps warm drinks for long hours. Using such a system in the desert is absurd. But it is the best suited for work in the Arctic. Thus, the “Martian spacesuit” is another argument in favor of the fact that Mars has long been inhabited … in the vast expanses of Devon Island.

In the words of the hero of an old Soviet film: “Is there life on Mars, is there life on Mars, is it unknown to science.” And if you follow the logic of the above facts, it is unlikely humanity has come close to unraveling the secrets of the Red Planet from the distant 1964, when the US aerospace agency embarked on its first “mission to Mars.”

Devon Island

photos from mars are shot on devon island
photos from mars are shot on devon island
photos from mars are shot on devon island

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