NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal also assures that the Earth is flat and has evidence to prove it

Members of the Flat Earth Society claim that, as the name implies, Earth is flat. As you walk the surface of the planet you can see and feel as it is flat, so you consider that all evidence, such as satellite photos of Earth showing a sphere, would rather be false and would form part of an unprecedented orchestrated conspiracy By NASA and other government agencies.

We will not go into more details because in Esoteric and Paranormal World we have written various publications on the subject . But what is striking is that more and more people believe in this surprising theory of conspiracy, rather the mother of all conspiracy theorists. And not all are anonymous people. There are more and more celebrities who publicly show their belief and support for the theory of the Flat Earth. One of the last celebrities was the Cleveland Cavaliers’ base of Ohio, Kyrie Irving , who last month became news and trend in all social networks.

During a podcast presented by his teammates, Irving talked about various conspiracy theories. But at one point in the interview, the Cleveland Cavaliers’ base assured that  “the Earth is flat” in addition to accusing certain organizations of manipulating the population to continue to believe and defend that Earth is round. Needless to say, Irving has been the victim of all sorts of criticism after his controversial statements. But what he did not expect is that a month later, an NBA legend would publicly show all their support. We are talking about the great Shaquille O’Neal, who has ensured that the Earth is flat and has evidence of it.

Continues the theory of the Flat Earth

NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal has stated he agrees with the Cleveland Cavaliers’ base in Ohio, Kyrie Irving, where the Earth is flat. Shaq revealed that he believes the Earth is flat during an interview for a podcast in the US. At first some listeners believed that this was a joke of Shaquille, but quickly others, judging by their tone of voice and the way in The one who worked out her argument, said the former NBA star was talking seriously enough.

Earth is flat


When John Kincade, co-host of the podcast ” The Big Podcast with Shaq,” asked Shaq about Kyrie Irving’s recent comments about Earth’s flatness, he replied that he also believes the Earth is flat.

“It is true. Earth is flat. Earth is flat. Yes, it is , “Shaq said.

Kincade reacted with disbelief and quickly pointed out that “we have seen Earth in the satellite images” , so Shaquille said that it was all a great conspiracy to manipulate our minds, editing the satellite images.

“Satellite imagery can be manipulated ,” Shaq added.

But here I do not finish everything. Former Orlando Magic star and Los Angeles Lakers said there are “three ways to manipulate people: what you read, what you see and what you hear.” And he tried to reaffirm his theory by recourse to Columbus and the controversial discovery of America.

“At school the first thing they taught us is that Columbus discovered America, but when he got there there were already long-haired guys smoking in their pipes. What does that tell you? That Columbus did not discover America. “

According to Shaq, the Earth is not spherical and has evidence to prove it. He also dismissed the theory of gravity and argued it with the skyscrapers of Atlanta and the location of China.

“I drive from coast to coast, and the Earth is fucking flat for me. I drive from Florida to California all the time and the road is flat for me. I do not go up or down in a 360 degree angle, “ argued the NBA legend.“And all those things about gravity, have you looked outside of Atlanta lately and have you seen all these buildings? Do you want to tell me that China is under us? It is not. The world is flat. “

It is not known very well because, but there are more and more adepts to flat Earth theory. Because of this, National Basketball Association Commissioner Adam Silver has been obliged to address the issue in his annual address. Silver said the planet Earth is round, adding that Irving, Shaq and his colleagues from the Flat Earth are trying to open a debate about the false information circulating in the media. But Silver’s statements have only burned members of the conspiracy community and believers in flat Earth theory. They ensure that everything is part of a sinister movement to avoid the population “wake up.”

The Flat Earth Conspiracy Theory says that the photos and videos that show us a round planet are fake. GPS devices are manipulated so that airplane pilots think they are flying in a straight line around a sphere, when in fact they are flying in circles on a disk. More and more people believe in this theory, that if it were true, we would be talking about the greatest conspiracy of all time.

Do you agree with Shaquille O’Neal, Kyrie Irving and all those who believe the theory of the Flat Earth? Or are you a champion of the cult of science?

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  1. The truth is if you check the flights on southern hemisphere you find out there is not straight line connection between the continents. From South Africa to Australia you fly to Dubai first. Ok some flights but all of them?

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