The Reptilian Plot: The Holographic Prison

We live in a hologram , the media manipulate you and do what they want, we do not have our own will, even if we think so. Realize and think for a moment about this, this metaphorical virtual reality that surrounds us … No! The matrix is not as it is painted, it is only misinformation, the holographic matrix is the manipulation and the abduction of wills that we are prey to today, but the time has come to wake up.

The term matrix became world famous thanks to the saga of films that bear the same name; However this goes beyond fiction. But do not be fooled, the Matrix is not as it is painted. We currently live in a matrix which has the objective of keeping you blinded to the truth. This matrix and its creators give you everything you “like” to keep you happy and do not realize the deception and the prison in which you live. But it’s time to wake up ! Question it all, discuss these issues, spread the knowledge .

Table of Contents

The Renegade Reptilian Race

A group of the reptilian renegade Anunnaki race of Nibiru and Alpha Draconis (the ” fallen angels ” or infernals) is inhabitant between two worlds in the lower astral planes of the fourth dimension of planet Earth, a region dimensionally unstable and unstable for the Establishment of a galactic race.

Living in this place beyond human sensory perception, its members are invisible to human beings, which allows them to work “behind the scenes”, as puppeteers in a puppet theater, in temporary or permanent possession and Manipulation of “sleeping” Humanity – that is, living in the slumber of material life – and being able to act in the terrestrial governments through deceitful and unscrupulous human agents.

AnunnakiBecause of the proximity to the third dimension they can manipulate and feel this dimension. Popular wisdom calls these beings “demons.”

Here is the observation that the reptilian race is one of the oldest alien races of the galaxy, scattered by many universes and with a lot of variations.
They are creators who are experts in genetic manipulation who practically created terrestrial humans. Much of our DNA is reptilian. And much of the stellar seeds embodied on this planet for awakening to the Aquarian Age are of the reptilian stellar family.

The reptilians referred to here are a group of fallen beings of grace, galactic criminals who refused to reform and follow the ascension of their brethren of race, and who instead persist in their twisted path. They do not obey any galactic law or cling to any protocol. They are a cunning and highly evil minority within the galactic races, here referred to as infernal or satanic beings , who followed their leader Lucifer or Satan .

They have a dark past of destroying worlds and galactic wars before forcing themselves to planet Earth. These beings only understand the material power imposed on the force by means of armament, control and manipulation of others, and own fear and inflicted in others .

For them, that is the only possible and true reality. They have a deep inner fear.

The world from its perspective is a compound of opposing forces competing for power, where there is no unity. Their gods and their ideals are the maximum warriors.

Reptilian Addiction and Manipulation of the Media … Through Distractors of Consciousness

The infernal beings have become addicted to this three-dimensional reality and its control, and are parasites, like leeches, that feed on the human emotional etheric energy, and of chemicals that the human body secretes under intense terror or An emotional conflict.

Hence the constant instigation and exploitation of chaos, conflict, violence and fear on the part of the news media and the entertainment industry, which are controlled, for the most part, from the lower astral planes.


Analyze the news, constantly plagued by terrorism, and the cinema, which has no wisdom or practical teachings but shots, sex, drugs, decadent and perverse trash, war against the bad guys and between victim and predator, and dazzling special effects that only project Fantasy and unreality.

Violence in fantasy is a cause of the actual violence of young people addicted to this type of entertainment. To this is added the constant astral stimulation of the psyche in family, work, or other interpersonal relationships. In dysfunctional relationships generates abundant psychic energy in the form of inharmonious thoughts resulting from conflicting and chemical emotions.

The chemical emotion I speak of here refers to chemicals secreted by the glands during heated discussions full of hate and sense of separation; These chemicals are highly harmful and poisonous to the body. Another energy created by humans, to which the infernals have also become addicted, is generated by the fanatical passion for sports, stimulated by the media as a constant brainwashing and doping of the masses.

Image result for media manipulation quotes

n addition, to generate great income and distract the mind of the masses from the spiritual search and the true knowledge and reason to live, or the questioning of the politics, economy and corruption of bad governments and the rest of disinformation given to us

Through the media, popular magazines focus on distracting trivia that fills the mind with pseudo-knowledge, such as information on fashions and personal and intimate lives of celebrities.

What is the importance of the diet that lost 10 kilos to the artist in ten days ?, or the best and worst dressed of the year ?, or the infidelities of such an actress, actor or singer ?, or the sports record of Determined athlete or team? Will we remember this garbage ten or twenty years later? Does this qualify us for some work, or does it serve as an example with which we can improve? No, just make us believe that’s all there is to life and that’s the reality.

The ideal Orwellian domination scenario is a human race with microchips or miniature integrated circuits implanted in the body and driven by technology. All dissidents are expunged from the system. Not all humans have the freedom to walk. Some may be cyborgs , static man-machine integrations that reside in dark and heavily terrorized factories to generate etheric energy and sufficient hormones and chemical secretions that are automatically drawn from their bodies to supply the ellipse of reptilians.

A slavery worse than humans imprison and subject chickens, pigs, cattle, etc. to commercially produced farms to supply food efficiently. There is no need for indoctrination or manipulation: a computer connected to your nervous system controls them.

This cybernetic organism technology has already been tested in cats and monkeys, and in humans by British professor Kevin Warwick , according to a March 22, 2002 news article. A 3mm wide silicon microchip was incorporated into Professor Warwick’s left wrist. One hundred electrodes connected to this microchip were connected to his median nerve. The wires were attached to a transmitter / receiver apparatus to send nervous messages to a computer by radio signal. Aseptic smoke-curtain propaganda is that this will be used to help people with spinal injuries.

If this is what is fed to the public, then it follows that more outrageous experiments are being conducted behind closed doors and of which it is not reported. Obviously all technology can be used for good or for evil, depending on the degree of spiritual development of humans.

I firmly believe that this diabolical scenario will never happen on this planet, which will ascend dimensionally ;

However, the beings who have driven this agenda can reincarnate on dark planets where this paradigm is lived. The energy that is sent out returns qualified by our intention. That is the Law of Karma .

It is clear here that reptilian addiction is to low frequency emotions, not to high and sublime emotion such as that offered by unconditional love, true love between the couple, love of humanity or a beautiful landscape, and so on. Keeping humanity as a herd or flock of sheep unconscious and manipulated by “experts” in all fields of knowledge and entertainment, is the goal of the manufactured holographic illusion of the five senses.

The Social Policy and the Socio-Political Manipulation

As humans never see these beings and the black magicians who work with them – the primary agents of the precipitation of their karma – blame their bad luck , bad management , bad governments , bad plans , The fall of the stock market , the rise and fall of the interest rate , the devaluation of the currency , rising unemployment , etc., and the leading human leaders at the institutions .

These leaders can see them; They chose to be their leaders , or at least live in the illusion of the so-called democracy where they “believe” that they chose them, but sadly they do not know, or refuse to believe, that these humans who hold the reins of power are, On the one hand, being controlled from another dimension and follow an agenda that, in its fundamental philosophy, was written 13,000 years ago, during the Lemurian times .

And, on the other hand, they are not named by the people but carefully selected by their bloodline and certain traits of their personality that are lent for their manipulation by astral entities.

Political parties have been created to divide the people and weaken their voice and their vote in the election of presidents. Under the Illuminati clutches around the globe, true democracy has never existed.

Both candidates of the dominant parties have received their blessings before entering the presidential race. And if the president does not turn out to be a good Illuminati player, in a self-serving move the Illuminati will dig up popular discontent and reveal the despotism and dishonesty of the Illuminati to discredit him and remove him from power.

If he plays according to the Illuminati game rules , which favor multimillion-dollar corporations, and not the people, and if he delivers the national natural resources, the Illuminati never mind the popular opinion about him, nor do they approve that the main Controlled media to denounce its dictatorial regime.

The millennial reptilian agenda, later written in the Protocols of the Sages of Zion , is constantly refined and updated in secret high-level meetings – which do not cover the media – such as the meetings of the Trilateral Commission and the G8 Group. In its outward manifestation this dark agenda is subtly translated or adapted to the masses as the social “norm” by which business, science, officially accepted religions, social relations, and international political conflicts are conducted.

It delineates what is socially accepted, what can be spoken and written, etc. This norm is constantly presented and driven by news, media in general, education, etc., to continue perpetrating virtual holographic reality.

The holographic reality is in the minds of the inhabitants of the planet through the continuous bombardment of the norm,

I repeat, by the approved experts of the establishment . The Illuminati are not Jews who want to take over the world, as some people mistakenly believe and blames them for the evils of the planet.

Within their influential ranks the Illuminati had prominent Jewish bankers who betrayed their own culture and religion during World War II. Keep in mind that the Illuminati belong to many races, religions and ethnicities .

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion were originally inspired, among others, by prominent Jews; However, this document is a secret code for the Illuminati. Remember, the Illuminati are Globalists . The web of lies that swarms in science, culture, politics, and constitutional and economic laws is so mixed with truths, and so cunningly intertwined, that it is almost impossible for one who is not prepared to discern the lie from the truth. If only the lies were said or taught, the common sense of the people would detect and reject them;

They have had to disguise themselves with proven facts and social laws based on the Golden Rule so that the public does not discriminate from one another. In the economic world, for example, one of the great lies taught in economics and accounting is the compound interest formula of bank loans. In the spiritual world, the lie that Christ died for our sins and is our personal savior.

Both shrewd teachings are directed, first, to deprive man of his sovereignty by making him a slave of the bankers, always in debt and unable to achieve financial independence that gives him time to explore spirituality; And the second, by making him a slave to religious worship and unable to see his inner god.

The income tax is another strategy to extrapolate hard earned money, to support the government leviathan. The globalist perspective of negative reptilian thinking does not divide knowledge into compartments, as do humans, but looks at it together and thus can compare, use and misrepresent it to achieve its ends.

Thus, they see the connection of everything and direct each field of scientific, economic, social, religious and historical knowledge with the same agenda, avoiding to be detected and avoiding anything that can bring to humanity an illumination or the knowledge that it is Reality is only a tiny part of the multidimensional universal reality.

The technology is introduced by drops, not when it is discovered but when they dictate that it is time to introduce it. Thus, for example, the time for free energy according to them has not arrived, and will come when humanity depletes its oil reserves and obviously oil is no longer a lucrative source of Illuminati revenue, at which time new energy advances will be presented Free as recent discoveries, even though in reality free energy has been discovered more than a hundred years, but has been suppressed and filed away.

The Illuminati passion for high technology makes them dream a world completely controlled, ordered and automated by ultrasophisticated technological devices and by superior weapons on and under the air, sea and land, without rivals or revolutions, except those created by them as part of their Plans.

That is why in the past and in the present they are suppressing and classifying the independent technological discoveries made by the civilian population, so that only they can develop and use them in their plans of control of the people and in their hidden agendas of introduction of new technologies. Hundreds of patents are being filed and classified in the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Prohibiting their inventors from developing their trade. When Humanity gets rid of the Illuminati you will see a world where everything is possible, where the boundaries and imposed beliefs will go away and the true man will express himself as he was expected to actually do.

We have lived in a cunningly controlled reality where certain technologies, magical and supernatural and advanced extraterrestrial life have not been accepted as valid realities and have been considered by the Illuminati controllers as extravagant out of place abnormalities, and in the same way considered So also by society in general, which follows the media as a herd of cows.

The free and perpetual motion machines that allegedly “violate” the Second Law of Thermodynamics have been rejected, and the same scientific arguments are used again and again to stop the exploration of other realities and to make new scientific discoveries in such areas as

  • Electrogravity

  • Magnetic

  • Levitating

  • by gravitational field control

  • free energy

  • Teleportation

  • time travel


Internal technologies such as biocon-

Alternative medicine, herbal medicine, psychic healing by hand laying, healing remotely, self healing and psychic surgery have been rejected by the global Illuminati establishment because these cures do not benefit the Illuminati- controlled pharmaceutical cartel And impact the foundations of the medical academy that serves the chemical medicine of the pharmaceutical cartel.

All this has happened by design and purposefully done by the Illuminati controllers to protect their political power, their dark agendas and their financial interests. Thus the scientific dogma of research and academia aligns with them to seek their financial support (grants for projects, loans, etc.) and approval of Illuminati controllers. These concepts are equally applicable to so-called economic laws, which shrewdly support compound interest in bank lending, up and downs of the stock market, global recessions, and money drawn from nothing by central banks and not backed by precious metals.

When you are deprived of your freedom in a prison, you dream of a world outside of it. That explains why we like to be entertained with stories and fantastic fables that we can not experience daily. Similarly, the film industry, to satisfy our hunger for that reality and make a product that they know to be sold, also dreams in other realities and presents them in a way acceptable to the Illuminati controllers, as something strange and only as a fantasy. In the same way, mystical societies and religions only show the symbols of the Dark Forces, such as the portrait of Satan or the archangel Michael killing the dragon or the devil, but to place himself in a safe place, outside the problem; They do not tell you that this dragon is the real symbol of the reptilian masters of this planet, and they do not tell you who are the puppets of the Illuminati in this reality that they carry out their plans, because, in some cases, they could be Pointing out the President of the country or some of his ministers and potential presidential candidates. To speak in symbolic terms, as in a state of sleep, is as “acceptable” in cinema as in religion, but never when one speaks seriously in clear, real terms, as in pointing out and describing “them” as Jesus did . Jesus is an example to imitate .

Most members of the organizations, however, whether they are mystical, spiritual or whatever, do not know what I am talking about or are permanently collating this writing with their teachings. Is not this the behavior of one in prison, when one can not name the oppressors who deprive us of our freedom? And is not this a cunningly constructed prison, where you can not even see that you are a prisoner, or see the walls of the prison, let alone distinguish the prison where you are, but on the contrary feel free since Does not feel like a prisoner (except, of course, when he thinks and then questions the system)?

Thus the controllers establish the walls around the holographic prison. With the removal of the Illuminati from power will collapse the illusory walls and enjoy a freedom never before experienced to explore in all directions anything we can dream possible.

The Dark agenda

In its most fundamental philosophy the Dark Agenda is reduced to two points:

  • End religion and spirituality

  • and End self-determination of peoples, that is, local governments, and cultural and commercial barriers, in order to power the New World Order, which is the world government whose head will be the Antichrist.

All wars, as well as acts of international terrorism , are and have been created, planned and organized by these astral beings in collaboration with the Examples -:

  • The two world wars of the twentieth century
  • The supremacist groups of racial hatred Communism The bringing into power and destitution of Latin American dictators
  • The attack on Pearl Harbor
  • The war in korea
  • The war in vietnam
  • The “fall” of Soviet communism in 1989-1991
  • The Gulf War of 1991
  • The war in Kosovo
  • The invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq
  • The 2001 attack on the Twin Towers in New York

All economic and social problems and political systems have been created to divide and create conflict and justification for war.

The civilian population, ignorant of what is forged behind the stage, is trapped between two fires and blames each other for their situation and their suffering, not knowing that both sides are being handled by the same astral entities and that, in some Cases, these sides are aware of it and confabulated in this sinister conspiracy.

Social dysfunctionality is not a problem that necessarily happens by bad rulers: we must always take into account in this equation the contribution of the hidden reptilian agenda. When it is considered, that is the original cause of the problem, everything acquires a different meaning.

Keep in mind that the reptilians of the lower astral plane are not faithful to any humans, only use and work with the Illuminati elites as long as they serve their purposes. Fallen reptilians are considered separate from humans and rivals.

As they have achieved their expected results with certain dynasties over the centuries , they continue to work with these families ; However, they may dispense with any of their human followers within these Illuminati families by killing or deposing the power if they do not cooperate as expected or do not serve their plans.

It is only an association for convenience. These reptilians are globalists, that is, they are not partialized by geo-political boundaries, types of governments, cultures, religions, social and cultural status, etc.

They see the same thing as an Islamic fundamentalist rather than a British conservative or a Catholic believer. Communism and capitalism have essentially the same face for them ; Any human race gives them the same, they are only interested in taking advantage of any conflict created and instigated by them and manipulate and control humans. Your goal is the whole planet.

His plans are millennial, and therefore what happens in a hundred years on earth is something very temporary from his point of view of time appreciation. If a people opposes their plans, then they achieve their goal of energetically feeding the war, the hatred and revenge generated on both sides, and the opposition to the military powers that are driving that perverse plot.

If a plan in a region fails to take place, they continue to push it until they succeed in imposing it; They have a lot of time and patience. Do they have a lot of time, really? Well, for 13,000 years they had. Now they are running out of time with planetary ascension, which is a galactic plan of Father / Mother ‘God’, the Primary Creator of this Universe. So now they are playing their last desperate letters:

Either the planet is theirs, or they destroy it and it is nobody’s! They seek to submerge the planet in another cosmic cycle of 25,920 years, the Platonic year, under their control (see the Photon Belt ). Elitist families select within their members those who will best fulfill the Reptilian Covenant ; The other members of the family are set aside, isolated from power and, in some cases, considered renegades, and are disinherited.

They know that the source of their influence and material power lies in this secret covenant (jealously guarded as a family secret) and in how they develop it. Some individuals are not part of this power elite, but nevertheless work with the Reptilian Covenant because they serve the Illuminati network. When they stray or are no longer needed, they are taken out of power.

If they are heads of government, these dictators of the people are presented to the world as despots brutal tyrants to justify their removal and also to present before the public the political image of the cleaning of corruption and that people are heard with “compassion” And you have justice and integrity. It is the opportunity to show a good image to wash the faults and hide the following projects on the dark agenda, at that precise moment, or to divert the attention of the public from a sensitive matter.

The media are in charge of focusing the cameras and say what suits and serves their plans. If they do not deviate from the plan or if their puppet regime continues to be necessary, then their brutal and bloody actions and the lament and misery of their people are ignored, and the despots remain in power and allies.

The Illuminati have two jobs:

  • One is the officer in some government office. This is what keeps them influencing politics, aware of what happens and divert attention.

And the other, the undercover, working for government in the shadows or secret government, as the Illuminati organization is called that operates secretly within the legitimate government.

Being so immensely rich, Illuminati members in the high spheres of influential power live without the pressure of survival at all and have more time to stay informed and plan their tricky nefarious.

They also identify themselves as members of some official religion to cover up, and to present a respectable image and as a role model. The Illuminati modus operandi is always to present to the public a legal and respectable image, to have it approved by Congress, or the World Trade Organization (WTO) or similar organizations such as the United Nations , laws in favor of Illuminati interests, and once That this damaging legislature is passed, they throw their henchmen against the people and small organizations to enforce it, safeguarding and legally protecting Illuminati interests.

This is how the pharmaceutical industry operates , for example, by removing from the people the power of choice with respect to natural medicine, dietary supplements (vitamins, minerals, etc.) and alternative medicine, and using the Federal Drug Administration ) As his henchman.

The Phenomenon of Diabolic Possession

The more dysfunctional a person is, or the more fragmented the personality is, or the inner child wounded, or the lower ego strengthened, is the easier prey of psychic possession and diabolical induction.

The possession of humans is of two types:

  • Conscious Psychic Possession:

It occurs when these entities are invoked or the collaboration with them is accepted, and consciously agrees to work for them, obtaining in return for this service, prebends, fame, recognition, contracts and new projects, opportunities, and other personal benefits .

Such is the case of the Illuminati and some of its agents and controllers of dark agendas of its world domination network. This possession is more continuous and permanent, cemented in the aura, and is what popular wisdom has called the “Covenant with the Devil.”

The awakening of DNA codes and agreements prior to reincarnation to work with satanic entities is stimulated by ritual and distorted symbols, copies of true esoteric symbols, and by drugs and genetic manipulation.

  • Unconscious Psychic Possession

    It occurs when temporary possession occurs for purposes of instigating evil and attacking others, or to create more chaos and fear in the population or family conflicts and social relationships.

The agent who lends itself to this dirty work is usually an individual who has some or all of the negative qualities described below:

  • Leader of an organization, be it a business corporation or a religious or mystical / philosophical organization. These individuals may have a relatively ‘clean’ record, but influencing them in their decision-making, even if only through telepathy or temporary possession, can help the dark agenda and keep the organization to the level at which these entities They like it. A personality flaw may be the “hook” to hold on to
  • . Materialist, who only believes in the reality of the five senses and adores the god Money.
  • Selfish, who always seeks personal profit at all costs and ascend in the hierarchy of power.
  • Pragmatic and Machiavellian, cold, calculating and centered in the brain. A typical case is the scientist who created the atomic bomb, nuclear bombs, biological weapons and mass destruction, etc., and so-called black projects.
  • Some of these individuals do not belong to this category but to the previous category.
  • Conflicting, uncontrollable emotions, unmanageable and chemical.
  • Ignorant of the spiritual life, but not ignorant of the earthly knowledge, of which he can be an expert or a brilliant professional.
  • Warm, fearful of consequences, unencumbered, in a “type” of secure position in the gray area, which does not take sides or define a position in regard to spiritual work, either in favor of the Light or in favor Of the Dark Forces.
  • Who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs and frequents bars, brothels and / or entertains in pornography.
  • Possessed of inner fear and rejection by society, a social misfit.
  • Apathetic, lazy, attached to television and information presented graphically, addicted to the news, who believes what he hears because “they said it on TV”, and who is not attracted to reading or research.

    These individuals are unconsciously used as useful and robotic fools, controlled mentally and emotionally unknowingly, and who, in most cases, receive no retribution for their unconscious services to the Dark Forces but, on the contrary, still sink More in their materialism, suffering and depression,

further fragmenting their psychology and lending themselves as agents or tools for the next attack.

If they are informed of the existence of this possession they consciously reject it and are frightened of it.

They are ignorant beings of this subject. It should be noted that not all human possessions are of these infernal beings:

Some are produced by discarnate humans of low spiritual evolution who parasitize in the auric field of an incarnate human or make temporal possessions to enjoy sensations like alcohol, tobacco and drugs to which they were addicted in the terrestrial plane and that now, To feel their effects, require a physical host.

In their astral abodes these low-vibrating disembodied humans are also used by the infernal beings. Thus the legend of hell, which refers to these lower astral planes, would be true Likewise, just as the agent of Light is activated in its DNA for Higher Consciousness and interaction with celestial hosts, the antipodean case also exists, ie the activation or awakening of the negative reptilian DNA code in human-oriented To self-service and personal gain, for possession by these satanic reptilian renegades, as has already been said. Once this happens, the individual loses his original identity and his negative qualities light up, enhance or fuel much more.

It transforms into another being, into a cold, dominant, tyrannical, calculating and ruthless individual, and is an easy prey to puppet-type reptilian manipulation. This is the case of the political despot and dictator, who feigns compassion because he publicly acknowledges the suffering of the people, but does not take action to solve this suffering, since this suffering is part of the dark reptilian agenda with which he is aligned.

The stimulation of the negative seeds of the original spiritual “fall,” or the precipitation and confusion of the soul in the illusion of materialism, takes place mainly in Humanity which is still in a larval or potential state in the material world and without consciousness or Desire to find his true spiritual nature.

They are the neutral individuals who have not defined their orientation towards self-service or towards the service of others. As the work of spiritual transmutation is realized and the positive genetic codes are ignited, the influence of these astral entities diminishes.

Activation of the DNA code of fallen or negative nature can also be ignited, I repeat, through medical operations in the brain, and through drug use;

Some politicians and celebrities are activated in this way. Celebrities are sometimes preferred in politics to carry out the dark agenda because the charisma acquired before the public is supposed to give them credibility, in contrast to the bad image that politicians have of not doing what they promised. Such was the case of the henchman Illuminati Ronald Reagan .

Celebrities have vulnerabilities for manipulation, which are a high ego, glamor, desire to be the center of attention and enjoy the lights of the spotlight, be admired, respected and recognized, and jealously guard their public image. There are always exceptions to this.

Ritual and Symbology

Earlier I mentioned that ritual and symbology awaken or ignite genetic codes.

This applies either to the awakening to the Higher Consciousness or to Supraconcience or to fall further into negativity. The law is the same, it only depends on how it is applied. Ritual and symbol act on the subconscious mind and bring to consciousness what is stored there. This serves for the manifestation of our desires or for the creation of our reality. As it is an impartial law, if it is invoked in a negative way acts to the detriment of life.

Spiritual ritual contains inspirational prayer, music and song, meditation, invocation of spiritual entities or guides, etc., local or remote healing, visualization for the activation of etheric planetary gratings and dimensional portals, the manifestation of a better future for Humanity and Help in connection with the divinity and with the members of the group.

The symbols in this type of ritual bring to our minds the best of us, our birthright. Every mystical or spiritual organization has its own rituals. In complete contrast to the above, satanic rituals are plagued with corruption, invocations to diabolic entities, use of mystical symbols but have been distorted, changed in proportion, etc.

These rituals are the so-called satanic black masses, which can involve sex in abject and bestial form, human and animal sacrifices, cannibalism, materializations of diabolical entities and mutation of form of the individuals possessed, transforming into reptilians. Some authors and researchers on the reptilian theme have fallen into the serious error of labeling as negative and dark agenda all the symbols, rituals and esoteric organizations, going so far as to see Satanism wherever they look.

This is one of the goals of fallen reptilians:

To confuse the mind to divert the path to the student and to alienate to Humanity of the organizations that present / display a spiritual alternative to the official religions.

The Blood Line

The pure white Caucasian breed has more reptilian DNA than other races, which allows possession by reptilian entities more easily.

Therefore, the racial purity is an important factor for these, as they can have better human DNA of this type and between the purest bloodline.

In certain elitist families of power, such as the Windsor House of England (which is really a German royalty, the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, which renamed Windsor in 1914), some European royalty and the Illuminati, this predisposition for Activation, channeling, and possession by negative astral entities is so great that in these families this propensity has become a disease which they recognize but which they have not been able to liberate, apart from their intense passion for material power, Immense riches and control of others blinds them to find the inner Light.


The power over government and politicians of turn and their immense material wealth invested in deposits of bank accounts, stocks, real estate, etc., is the price of their souls, by which they lose themselves and disconnect from the The matrix of the soul, that is to say, of the soul, of the group of souls, of the Monad, and of the very Divinity, while at the same time losing their liberties and their personal power at the hands of Satanism. Mortals, once trapped in this cycle of material power, continue to repeat it for many reincarnations.

Their eagerness for power does not allow them to see their deep inner fears, the lack of self-determination and their slavery in the hands of inferior astral beings. In popular wisdom, I repeat, this has been called the “Covenant with the Devil.” It is said that one of the projects of the negative reptilians in our planet has been the preparation of a cloned body that can possess or incarnate for longer periods of time or in a more stable form, to use it in a direct interaction with humans, Instead of always having to look for the possession of human entities.

Satanic beings live almost immortal lives and have the inability to reproduce themselves as humans do. They have also been and are dimensionally trapped in the astral world by the Ashtar Command to prevent interdimensional escape from polluting other galactic sectors. Its external technological advance is impressive from the perspective of the humans of the Earth; However, it is primitive from the point of view of highly advanced galactic civilizations, such as the Andromeda , the Pleiadian , the Siriana , and the Arthurian.

Where they have been able to excel is in internal technology such as projection and telepathic and psychic control.

Subtle Control in the Diffusion of Information

When an individual perceives the spiritual Light beyond the religious and scientific dogma created and promoted by the negative reptilians, or talks about the extraterrestrial subject or the free energy or the technologies of Nikola Tesla , etc. – so-called taboo subjects – then he is attacked by defamation in the media, derision, loss of professional credibility, false accusation conjured up, derision, family attack and death, and is expelled from the traditional religion as a lost soul or catechized Back to “save” his soul.

The dogmatic religious establishment, fabricated by design, never stimulates the personal search of the inner god without mediation of the self-appointed ministers of God or the ” representatives” of God on Earth , nor speaks of the acquisition of personal sovereignty or the consciousness of That we are all One with Oneness. Conflicts and divisions keep humans separate from each other and thus easily dominated.

The above describes the subtle and ” soft ” control that is not detectable except by the investigator and by whom he ventures to leave the mold.

How to Get Rid of Holographic

Prison Disconnect from official news, but not from independent news sites, even though caution and discernment are recommended to detect misinformation.

Question everything that comes through official channels, because you may be listening to the opium-like standard of the holographic matrix, the reality made for the benefit of reptilians and keeping the Illuminati in power. He has a mind. Use it . Be astounded by the magic of Nature. Fascínese. Ask yourself questions such as:

  • Why is this so
  • how does it work?
  • What encourages it?
  • Is this all that is or is there something else that I can not see?

Study the human potential, its latent faculties, the unknown dimensions.

Research with an open mind, meditate, master your mind and your constant talk, hear your Inner Self and connect with your inner God.

That is the best formula for getting out of the holographic prison.

The complete liberation of Humanity from the Illuminati clutches and from the infernal reptilian hordes will manifest itself with the Illuminati fall of power and the removal of its worldwide network of controllers,

the confiscation of its enormous riches as karmic compensation for its evil action and revelation Of his war crimes and of damage to Humanity.

Share this with everyone you care about. Freedom is the most precious possession we have.





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  1. In the beginning I thought it was Maya gods who is doing this all’ but now its reptiles all over our life very complicated and too tough for us to come out of it

  2. Gods of Maya they are the legal creators of our physical reality’ they are the legal manipulators those nine gods Saturn Jupiter mars sun moon earth etc they create an legal illusion and play the cosmic game how come this reptilians’ are getting in and corrupting the whole scene I want to know.

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