Neil de Grasse Tyson Refuses to Debate David Grusch After Being Challenged

The renowned skeptic refused to debate with whistleblower David Grusch about the unidentified anomalous phenomena, thus evading an intriguing challenge he had proposed.

Tyson has a closed mind. After reading his tweets, I find it difficult to believe that, even with a doctorate in physics, he is not at least a little curious,” said the former intelligence official in a recent interview — which we had already talked about here —. «Is that being a great scientific communicator? Well, I think he should probably retire.

«It is pure credentialism. But I have credentials too,” added Grusch, who has a bachelor’s degree in physics. «I would be happy to have a face to face with him. If he wants to debate with me, I have no problem with that.

Such a challenge was promoted by users on the networks, enticing Tyson to dare to debate a matter about which, in reality, he has little knowledge but about which he gives his opinion or is frequently asked due to his media position.

After a few days of silence, the popularizer responded. But he didn’t do it on his networks, but when a YouTuber brought it up during an unrelated interview about his new book.

“You will never see me in a debate about something, debating is not the way to objective truth, the way is data,” the scientist responded. «When two scientists cross paths in a debate, there is an implicit contract between them: either I am right and you are not, or you are right and I am not, or we are both wrong. In rare cases both will be right.

Also, there is no point in debating with someone who talks about classified information that no one else can see. So what you really need is to free up that information for independent analysis. And testimonies, even under oath, are irrelevant to science. “We don’t care what you saw or what you say you saw.”

Finally, and despite having rejected the proposal, Tyson stressed that he is not closed to the matter as Grusch said.

«While I like it and am flattered that this UFO guy mentioned me, it is not something up for debate. You just have to get the information out of the speech,” he said.

Given this, his interlocutor pointed out that this is precisely what the whistleblower is trying to do from his place, and that releasing such information to the public actually depends on the Intelligence Community and Congress.

«Well, let them find some way. And then they call me,” Tyson concluded.

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