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UFOs Are Same as Angels From the Bible, US Congressman Suggests

Days after legislator Anna Paulina Luna publicly said that the origin of UFOs is interdimensional, another member of the House of Representatives made a statement to the same effect. US Congressman Eric Burlison also stated that UFOs are the same as Angels.

UFOs Are Same as Angels From the Bible, US Congressman Suggests
Left: Modern interpretation of what 
the prophet Ezekiel described in the Old Testament, which some theorists maintain was a close encounter of the third kind. 
Right: Rep. Eric Burlison.

In this case, it is Eric Burlison, representative of Missouri’s 7th congressional district, who when interviewed for That UFO Podcast about the latest revelations and legislative efforts to provide more transparency to the issue of unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAPs), left speechless at his interlocutor.

In David Grusch’s report, you can read that one of the theories about what we are finding is that they are extradimensional or interdimensional beings. That is, if we live in a three-dimensional environment, we are being visited by something from a higher dimension,” said Burlison.

And it’s not that they are necessarily traveling towards our world. If they are from a different dimension, there is a difference in time and space, and distance becomes irrelevant at that point. That’s why I think the probability is low that they are beings from an alien race from another planet light years away,” he added. “It would be a long way to go to get here and then crash their ships .”

The extradimensional theory, on the other hand, is more probable and more intriguing to me. But I still have to see more to believe that it is correct,” he continued.

Subsequently, and to argue in favor of the interdimensional or extradimensional origin of UFOs, Burlinson went back to the hypothesis of ancient astronauts and its biblical aspect.

“In a lot of different ancient scriptures, including the Bible, that’s the way God’s messengers or angels are described. Anywhere the word angels is used, to me they are mentioning extradimensional beings,” he said.

It should be noted that Burlison, like his colleague Luna, was another of those who attended the classified UAP briefing that took place on January 12.

Similarities Between Depiction of Angels in The Bible and UFOs

UFOs Are Same as Angels From the Bible, US Congressman Suggests

Both angels and UFOs are most frequently portrayed as capable of flight. Biblical passages often specifically reference an angel’s wings (Revelation 8:13), allowing them to swiftly travel between Heaven and Earth. Similarly, UFOs demonstrate advanced technology for aerial mobility that surpasses any known manmade aircraft.

Artistic depictions also connect the two—hovering effortlessly in place despite lacking visible means of support and propulsion. This feat seen in artistic renderings mirrors many recent claims surrounding close-range UFO sightings.

The view from above also features prominently for God’s eye-covered angels (Revelation 4:6) and UFOs with underside-mounted lights that clue their silent, sweeping surveillance across the landscape. Like angels keeping watch from on high, UFOs seem to observe humanity’s activity down below.

Therefore, one may speculate whether our interpretation of angels arose from primitive glimpses of advanced, flying technology later realized more fully as UFOs. Or perhaps UFOs represent modern manifestations of angels revealing themselves selectively throughout history. In either case, the timeless attributes of Heaven’s winged messengers continue inspiring technological innovations that humanity struggles to comprehend. Yet their divine origins and purposes likely extend far beyond what our science can currently conceive.

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  1. I’m more interested in something else. Why are Republicans talking about UFOs and the Bible? Is this due to excessive Protestantism? While Democrats tend to consider UFOs to be other creatures within the framework of space civilization

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