Nomoli statues

Nomoli Statuettes: 17,000-Year-Old Ancient figurines Discovered In Africa

Over the period of time, we have come across numerous artifacts that had no explanation.
And one such discovery is the enigmatic Nomoli statuettes– the 17,000-Year-Old bizarre 16 to 20-inch tall sculptures made in the West African nation of Sierra Leone

Nomoli Statuettes

The findings have steered controversy as at first it was assumed to be the representation of ancient warriors
However, it didn’t take long to discover reptilian-looking humanoid figures that confused the experts.

Nomoli Statuettes

Diamonds have always been found in abundance in Sierra Leone, particularly in the 80s and 90s, so the specialized mining industry was of the utmost importance at that time.
During an excavation, looking for diamonds in one of the many open-pit mines that exist in the country, a group of miners surprisingly unearthed some strange objects- an archaeological treasure that, even 40 years later, continues to give people talk; a collection of small statuettes of ancient warriors or something similar.

A few of the ancient figures represented different ancient races with clear reptilian features. 
These sculptures were found at a depth of 50 meters, within the geological layer that corresponds to a period of 12,000 BC. C. to 17,000 a. C., represents an extremely ancient civilization. 
However, so far no other clues have been found about their existence and living practices.

Baffling Structure Of The Nomoli Statuettes

The baffling appearance of the statues encouraged the miners to contact expert archaeologists to study them.
Despite the hominid form of the Nomoli Figurines- the features and facial features made it evident that these races were not human or at least not quite.

Numerous theories have been suggested by the researchers with regard to the strange figurines, one such theory is that they are hybrids between humans and a strange extraterrestrial race of amphibians or reptilians.

Little by little, archaeologists began to have certain answers about the mysterious discovery. 
Even to this date, the specific town that created these strange figures is unknown, nor the civilization to which they belong.

Pitoni SkyStones

At 17,000 years, these unusual Nomoli statuettes are also the oldest and a small metal ball was hidden in a hollow space inside it.
An analysis showed that it is made from chrome and steel and the material used is diverse; there are some made with soapstone, others with granite or ivory. 
Their size is not exact either, some are tiny.
However, most are between 40 to 70 centimeters.

There are some data that are irrefutable, such as that given by John H. Atherton and Milan Kalous in an article published in The Journal of African History.
They explained that the Nomoli were created and used in the same area where they were found. 
In 1992, Professor Giorgio Belluomini of the University of Rome examined samples of some statuettes and the places where they were found and dated thousands of years.

There is also another enigma surrounding the Nomoli, and they are mysterious azure blue stones, which have not been found anywhere else on the planet.
“SkyStones” were found with Nomoli Figurines and Diamonds in Sierra Leone.

However, the metal ball was already in the figure when it was found.
How did it get there? And much more important – where did the metal come from? 
These spheres contradict the geological layer in which they were found, which dates back to 17,000 BC. C., since the metal began to be produced around the year 2,000 a. C. Therefore, according to traditional history, these small metal spheres could not have been created during that time. 
A very high melting temperature is required to mold the metal into a perfect sphere. 
This indicates that an advanced civilization existed in West Africa millennia before the known.

The tests reported that the stones did not match any known mineral.
The researchers could not explain the blue color of the stones.
When a piece of stone was reduced into fine particles and was viewed under a microscope, no blue color could be seen.
Neither the extreme heat could alter the stones nor the acid could break the stones down.

Therefore, it is suggested that the spheres were made from material from some meteorite or other non-terrestrial object.
A more detailed analysis of the stone showed that 77.17% was oxygen, while the remaining composition was carbon, calcium, and a mysterious organic compound unknown on Earth.

Legends Of Nommo

The term ‘Nomoli’ is very similar to the word Nommo- This term was always used in West Africa, as the Dogon people of Mali called the ancient beings who came from Sirius.

There are people who believe that Nommo were the fallen angels who were exiled to Earth and these Nomoli statuettes are the representation of those exiled deities.

A legend found throughout Africa could also give an “origin” to these statues:

“They wandered unhindered, in places no man had ever been before. They could be seen to the face and his eyes were as bright as the sun. These creatures were forbidden to enter the divine empire and were exiled to Earth.

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