Notes Of Officer Who Examined The Wreck Of Roswell UFO Crash Are Now Released

The most memorable event of 1947 in history is considered by many to be the mysterious incident in Roswell, New Mexico (USA). 
It began with the fact that on July 8, 1947, the local newspaper, Roswell Daily Record, published an article on its front page about the fall of a “flying saucer” and the delivery of its wreckage to the territory of a military airfield.

The announcement was made by Jesse Marcel Senior, who was reported to be the first to arrive at the crash site and then to lead the investigation into the case. 
He immediately assumed that the debris belonged to an extraterrestrial vehicle.

However, after the publication of the article, when the information about the UFO crash had spread widely, the Pentagon declared that the wreckage was just the remnants of a military meteorological balloon. 
The U.S. Air Force said the weather balloon was part of the Project Mogul airborne system, created by Columbia University, New York University and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, which was designed to search the atmosphere for faint vibrations from nuclear test explosions.

The first person to arrive at the site, Marcel Sr., died on June 24, 1986.
However, his story lives on with his grandchildren – Jesse Marcel III and John Marcel, who told the reporters that their grandfather, during his life, neither had a doubt on the credibility of his version, nor he ever changed his testimony about what he saw that day.

“They decided to make him a scapegoat and ordered him to deny what he actually found at the crash site. He was the head of the intelligence agency in Roswell, New Mexico, and carried out orders from higher authorities. In fact, he was at the very center of this story and at the heart of a conspiracy or cover-up theory. “

Jesse Marcel III.

The only physical evidence available with us which proves that Jesse Marcel Sr. was correct is his diary.
His diary was reportedly publicly released for the first time on Saturday, December 12, 2020 in the History Channel’s Roswell: The First Witness TV movie.

“The diary passed from the hands of our grandfather to the hands of our father, and now we have it. Inside you can find many strange words that do not quite correspond to who our grandfather was.

Jesse Marcel III

Former CIA officer Ben Smith also took part in the filming of the television movie and personally saw the entries in Marcel’s diary. 
According to him, these records can be well traced how the mental state of Marcel Sr. changed because of this incident.

“There are really incomprehensible phrases in the magazine, but they can be a secret code.”

Former CIA officer Ben Smith

Smith spoke to Marcel’s descendants, his close friends, and then to the surviving residents of Roswell who lived here at the time the UFO crashed and were involved in the story with the strange debris. 
Smith then scrutinized the alleged crash site and came to the conclusion that he was not sure if the official weather balloon version was correct.

“Marcel was a smart and capable officer, he knew the value and importance of secrets. Why did he make such a loud statement and hold on to it for so long?”

The pieces of UFO were first discovered on the ground by a certain Mac Brazel, who brought his flock of sheep to pasture. 
He noticed that strange pieces of metal and debris were scattered on the land belonging to the Foster Ranch. 

“These strange pieces of foil could not be cut, burned, or even bent. And there were also fragments with incomprehensible symbols. The place of the fragments was far in the wilderness.”

A note in Marcel’s Diary

Marcel further wrote in his diary:

“He found this place due to the fact that his flock of sheep refused to cross this field to get to the source of water. Even the animals understood what it was in reality and did not want to approach it.”

Then, the wreckage fell into the hands of Marcel, after examining the debris, Marcel reached the conclusion that whatever it was, it was not made by humans. 
Marcel, who was an active smoker, always carried a lighter with him. 
So, using his lighter, he tried to set fire to a piece of wreckage with intention of melting it, which was a failed attempt.

Later on, the wreckage was taken to the Roswell military base, where Marcel and his colleagues continued their attempts to recognize what kind of material it was and why the object was built. 
The diary describes that Marcel even tried to pierce a piece of debris with a drill, interestingly, the drill broke down but the material could not be pierced.

Marcel described the pieces of foil as very light in weight but strong. 
Some of them were engraved with “alien letters”, and in addition to the “foil”, there were parts made of metal and some kind of plastic, using “kilometers” of fiber optics.

“He wrote that there are fiberglass and fiber optics that could be the remains of computers,” says John Marcel.

Marcel Sr. wrote that he personally did not see living creatures at the crash site, but he mentioned that he had heard that a living creature was actually found.

According to the grandchildren of Marcel, very strong pressure was exerted on their grandfather, but he still held on very steadfastly, and until his death, he believed that he was at the right time in the right place and that he was lucky to see it. 

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  1. The association between the actuality of an alien craft that crashed at Roswell and the suggestion to those that are unsuspecting to ‘A Time Machine’ deflects the probability of interplanetary travel to be likened to the fantasy science fiction of an interdimensional vehicle that could be used to support the original classified coverup: Time travel is theory at best, the alien vehicle is quite tangible as a reality.

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