British Paranormal Researcher Saw A 6 Feet Yeti With His Own Eyes

Andy McGrath, a British researcher of anomalous phenomena, generally conducts research and analyses phenomena regarding mysterious big cats or werewolves.
The British researcher did not really believe in the existence of Bigfoot or Yeti in his country until he saw the strange humanoid creature himself.

Legends of large, ape-like beasts can be found all over the world.
These ape-like mythical creatures are known as Bigfoot or Yeti, whatever you prefer to call them.
According to the urban legends, a Bigfoot is a two-legged, ape-like, huge humanoid creature and is described to be 10-20 feet tall and is considered as an abomination.
It is also said that it could be a hybrid of a human and an unknown extraterrestrial creature.

Back in 2012,  an amateur athlete spotted a fat, brown fur-covered creature approach him before fleeing back into the forest. 
The incident took place just 25 miles from London, UK, in the wooded area of ​​Box Hill, Surrey.

The creature resembled an ape-human hybrid and was extremely muscular.
Soon after, an eyewitness shared this story with a local researcher of anomalous phenomena, Andy McGrath.

According to the British researcher of anomalous phenomena, Andy McGrath, the belief that a Bigfoot indeed exist in the United Kingdoms was completely absurd, however, his mind changed when he spotted the humanoid creature that scared a jogger with his own eyes.  

When the eyewitness shared his story in detail with Andy McGrath, he decided to visit the very place where the runner spotted the shaggy creature and examined everything there properly. 
At first, nothing strange was observed by him, but at some point, he heard something hitting hard on the tree trunk. 
The noise was loud and at the same time came from afar and seemed to be coming from several directions at once.

After some time the noise stopped, however, approximately after 25 minutes, the loud noise was heard again, and now it was much closer. 
Soon, Andy McGrath, heard the sound of heavy footsteps as if something was walking in the thicket, descending a gentle hill.

The place where the bigfoot was seen

The heavy breathing of the creature was audible, as the creature was coming close, Andy had the feeling that he was being watched. 
Andy was expecting a dog walker to go by, but what he saw next has changed his perception towards many things.

“Then I turned and looked over my right shoulder. And there, stood about 10 meters away from me, to my right side and just above the stairs, stood something that I sincerely consider to be something like a humanoid ape.”

Andy McGrath

The creature he saw was covered from head to toe with brownish-gray fur, and its face was similar to that of a human, but with a flat nose and a very large jaw. 
The top of the head was domed upward.

“The creature stood on two legs but appeared to slump forward, and the arms were very long, but in proportion to the body.”

Andy McGrath

“The animal was very thick built. I can only say solid muscles. It was frightening, the build of this animal!. I’m not sure how tall it was, I could estimate only 6 feet plus, but maybe more.”

Andy McGrath

“It stood and looked at me for about 30 seconds before it turned around and left, but even as it left, it looked in my direction. Then I felt a strong stale smell, which usually comes from farm animals. This smell persisted for a long time.”

Andy McGrath

Andy, now believes in the existence of Bigfoot or Yeti, and describes the incident as a game changer, and it has also changed his perception of the world and fauna.

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