Padmanabhaswamy: The Mysterious Door No One Has Got Open Until Now

There is a Temple called Padmanabhaswamy in Thiruvananthapuram, India, in which there are 7 secret chambers that hide mysteries and incredible treasures. Of these 7 gates, 6 have already been opened but there is one that has been impossible, for physical and mysterious reasons that prevent their access. Let’s know the mystery that hides behind the last door that is missing from the Padmanabhaswamy temple.


This gate is the entrance to the last secret chamber discovered inside the Padmanabhaswamy temple. It is guarded by two monks. It is said that inside this chamber is a very large room that hides incredible mysteries and a great amount of knowledge of the world.

The door is sealed by sound waves that are produced from a secret place that can not be located because the coordinates were lost in time.

The first 6 doors were opened on the order of the Supreme Court Of India, together with the temple administrator, A large number of gold utensils, precious stones, gold crowns worn by Ancient kings, more than 2 thousand golden holes, and also silver things valued at more than 20 billion dollars was found inside those first 6 doors.

The Seventh Mysterious Door Of The Padmanabhaswamy Temple

But why were they unable to open the last door? According to experts in the esoteric subject, opening the last door of the Padmanabhaswamy temple is very risky and dangerous. This door has no mechanism, crank, nut, or button that hints at how to open it, in addition on each side of the door there is a carved serpent charges which augurs a very bad signal for those who dare to violate it. It is believed that this gate is sealed by a NAGA bandham.


What is NAGA bandham? They are mechanisms of locks that work with sound waves of a particular person or frequency. A particular spell, which produces small vibrations that trigger these mechanisms can open these doors It is said that if another person tries to open the door with a different spell or with the same spell the sound waves change direction waking up the evil and causing the attack of snakes that may be nearby.

Who can open Padmanabhaswamy’s secret door? As the sages of India say, this gate can only be opened by a learned scholar in the chants of the GARUDA mantra that will enable the NAGA bandham to be deactivated. The monks say that at present there is no human capable of opening this door by executing these mantra chants.

By this belief, the monks say that a man will be born in India who will be able to execute these sacred chants of the Mantra. Thus, the 7th door of the Padmanabhaswamy temple will be opened without human effort giving all the secrets and mysterious treasures that it contains.

Can the door be opened with the current technology? Probably today with modern technology it is possible to open the last door but the monks warn that if done in that way India and even the whole world would suffer terrible cataclysms, therefore and assuming that these warnings to date have been met, It has not been attempted to open by modern mechanical means.

However, in May 2016 a Temple Inventory Expert Group petitioned the Supreme Court for permission to open this mysterious and final vault, but the royal family of Travancore along with some devotees and temple administration have opposed it.

This will be decided in a court decision that according to the unofficial information could be in favor of the experts and proceed to open the door with modern techniques.

What will happen if they open it? Do you think that there will really be tragedies and cataclysms? or is the man destined to be able to open it with a mantra chant will appear in future ?, everything can happen in this world of mysteries, what do you think?

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  1. Talk about fake news. The twnple belongs to the Varma clan… Erstwhile rulers of the state of Kerala. There is only the sanctum sanctorum that remains untouched…because it is considered sacred. Yes the temple was locked up for ages… And yes, when it was opened up a few years ago a ridiculous amount of treasure was found which the Government is probably busy stealing now. How to I know this… I know the Varma descendants… And there is no curse, just a lovely family that lives simply and quietly in the two Southern territories of India.

  2. I might have the code that opens the door. I believe a series of numbers must be the answers. The chamber holds the secret to eternal life and the creation of stem cells through pure elements, which can be used to create humans. Da Vinci and The Knight Templars also knew the secret of all secrets.

  3. All of you are focused on rich man’s gold and calling it “treasures”. This is very much subtle I’d say the least.

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