Passenger of an airplane possessed by evil spirits causes an emergency landing in China

For a long time there have been cultures that have had beliefs that go beyond the limits of our physical reality, the existence of evil spirits, demons and spectral beings hiding in the dark. However, the most frightening of all is that these entities sometimes manage to overcome the thin veil that separates our domains to invade not only our reality but also our bodies. For reasons that we do not know, they seem to covet our forms of flesh and desire to penetrate within us, to take control, dominate and possess us.(possessed)

From beyond the wall that separates us from the world of demons, they crawl, and sometimes there seems to be very little we can do, but we try to fight against them and against the unknown powers they possess. The cases of demonic possession and our efforts to fight against these sinister beings are numerous, coming from all over the world. Like the one that happened on an Air China plane, where the pilot was forced to return 20 minutes after taking off at Beijing International Airport because a passenger claimed to have been possessed by “evil spirits”.

Infernal possession on an airplane

The passenger of an Air China airline that claimed to be possessed by “evil spirits” forced the pilot to return to Beijing International Airport 20 minutes after takeoff. The woman, in her 50s, fainted shortly after the plane took off from Beijing. According to the British newspaper Daily Mail Online, the captain decided to return to the airport so that the crew could coordinate the medical assistance of the passenger.(possessed)

However, after the passenger regained consciousness, she told the flight attendants that there were things that had “possessed her body” causing a scene of terror on the plane. The video recorded by another passenger shows about six people, including medical personnel, trying to calm the woman. The incident took place on flight CA 4102, scheduled to make the trip between the Beijing Capital International Airport and the Chengdu-Shuangliu International Airport, in Chengdu, on December 20.

It was then when one of the passengers saw how a woman fainted 20 minutes after taking off, so she decided to alert the flight attendants. The woman regained consciousness shortly after, but she seemed dazed.(possessed)

“Do not! Do not touch me! Do not push me! “ Cried the woman when the flight attendants tried to help her.

Mr. Gao, another passenger who witnessed the strange incident, told local media that the woman fainted after the plane took off. The flight attendants tried to wake her up , but she did not seem to react.(possessed)

“His pulse was very weak, so they put an oxygen mask on him ,” Mr. Gao said. “Then he came to himself.”

The captain of the plane decided to return to the Beijing International Airport , so that the medical services could attend to the passenger. However, the woman refused to be seen by a doctor. She requested to see the captain.

“I have to be in Chengdu,” shouted the possessed passenger. “There are things my body possesses that can not be found through medical tests.”

According to the Chinese website Weibo, the passenger refused to cooperate and attacked an air safety officer after the plane landed. A spokesman for Air China said the flight returned to Beijing International Airport at 12:27 in the afternoon, approximately 40 minutes after takeoff.

However, Air China did not comment on the demonic possession of the passenger, only commented that the woman “experienced a sudden illness . ” The incident caused a delay of five hours on the flight. It took off again at 3:30 p.m. local time and arrived at Chengdú at 6:00 p.m.(possessed)

This strange incident has provoked all kinds of reactions in social networks, where some believers of the paranormal have assured that this is a clear example that demonic possessions can happen at any moment. But apart from the opinion of some, what is clear is that the concept of physical possession by demons or spirits is generalized in all cultures and religions, and represents what seems to be a fundamental fear that humans have; that we are not alone in this reality. And as long as this belief persists and cases like this continue to occur, there may always be that macabre curiosity about what is really behind all this.

Do you think the passenger on the plane had some kind of mental illness? Or is it a clear example that there are entities from beyond our world waiting in the dark to have the opportunity to penetrate our physical forms?(possessed)

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