Pentagon UFO Declassification Could Be A Way To Induce Martial Law

Ufologists were thrown into a state of ecstasy when the Pentagon openly admitted that they had carried out a secret $ 22 billion project to study UFO sightings. And recently the issue has continued to gain traction, with a government regulation forcing the Pentagon to declassify(UFO declassification) what it knows about it before July 2021. But … could something more macabre be hiding behind these moves?

Pentagon UFO Declassification Could Be A Way To Induce Martial Law

At the only MUFON meeting held in Washington, some members of the UFO research organization have raised questions about the government’s motive behind these revelations. According to the most skeptical, there is a large conspiracy planned by the government in the middle of an indirect alien declassification.

These theorists reportedly claimed that the government plans to foray into aliens as the next dangerous threat to National Security, which will help authorities easily establish martial law in the country.

These theorists believe that fear of alien invasion will allow the government to spend more on military spending and will also help them easily cut back on civil liberties.

Pentagon UFO Declassification Could Be A Way To Induce Martial Law
Photo of the case known as “Battle of Los Angeles”, which occurred in 1942. A case that would demonstrate the invulnerability of unidentified flying objects … at least to the weapons of man

Martial law is often introduced during emergencies and threats, and assumes that the military has direct control over civilians in the country. Martial law allows the government to take full control over the public. People who speak out against the authorities can even be imprisoned or killed.

Although skeptics raised these suspicions during the meeting, most MUFON members said that this UFO declassification by the government should be welcomed as it ultimately allows them to bring to light the truth about extraterrestrial life in outer space. They also believe that the government would not have spent such a huge amount on UFO research if they were not a reality.

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