How Nikola Tesla And Marconi Overheard Messages From Aliens From Mars

At the beginning of the twentieth century, American society was extremely excited by the unexpected revelations of the leading researchers in the field of radio communications, Nikola Tesla, Guglielmo Marconi, and later Thomas Edison. 
They talked about contact with the inhabitants of Mars.

One of the most famous inventors and thinkers in history, as well as one of the most misunderstood, is by far the Serbian-American inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, and futurist Nikola Tesla. 

How Nikola Tesla And Marconi Overheard Messages From Aliens From Mars

His contributions to science and technology were immeasurable, throughout his life he developed a number of electrical and mechanical devices, his AC induction motor and related patents for polyphase AC current, the first X-ray imaging devices, and many other inventions that were considered miracles in his time. 

He was well ahead of his time and also predicted many technological innovations that we take for granted today, such as smartphones and wireless communications, and by the time of his death in 1943, Tesla was the owner of over a thousand patents of all kinds, including neon lights. , remote automation systems, artificial lightning, particle beam energy and much more. 

Of course, given its mysteriousness and secrecy, many of Tesla’s stories balance on the brink of conspiracy theories, including alleged involvement in the Philadelphia teleportation experiment, the invention of the perpetual motion machine, the creation of a deadly beam weapon called the “death ray” and so on. 

How Nikola Tesla And Marconi Overheard Messages From Aliens From Mars

One of the strangest of these theories is about how Tesla ended up being linked to supposed extraterrestrial intelligent beings. 

Rumors of Tesla’s connections with aliens these days have gone very deep. 
For example, it is often claimed that aliens helped Tesla with his inventions, as well as the fact that he himself was an alien or was half-human and half-alien. 
Therefore, it is better to turn to the very sources, to what Tesla himself said.

In an article for Collier’s Weekly in 1901, Tesla claimed that in 1899, in his laboratory in Colorado Springs, he accidentally established radio contact with aliens. 
This was the era when both he and the Italian inventor Guglielmo Marconi were the first in the West to develop radio technology, and one night Tesla began testing a unique radio antenna designed to track thunderstorms.

It was then that Tesla suddenly connected to the “channel” through which he heard strange sounds, which he soon identified as conversations of extraterrestrial beings. 

“Even now, at times, I can vividly recall this incident and see my apparatus as if it were really in front of me. My first observations definitely scared me, since there was something mysterious, if not supernatural, and I was alone in the laboratory at night, but at the time the idea that these “interference” were intelligently controlled signals had not yet occurred to me. 

Nikola Tesla

However, after a while, the thought flashed through my head that the “interference” I was observing could be the result of something reasonable. Although I could not decipher their meaning, I could not think of them as completely random either. I have a constantly growing feeling that I was the first to hear the greeting from one planet to another

Nikolla Tesla

Tesla suggested that these aliens may have been from Mars, which in that era was the main culprit for everything related to aliens, and after that Tesla became obsessed with further improving his radio technology so that he could continue to communicate with these entities. 

Further, with Tesla’s words, Marconi agreed, admitting that he had something similar:

“While experimenting with the wireless telegraph, I encountered an amazing phenomenon. The most amazing thing is that I personally received signals that, I believe, come from space outside our planet. I believe that it is quite possible that these signals could be sent by inhabitants of other planets to the inhabitants of the Earth. If there are people on Mars, I would not be surprised if they find a means of communication with this planet. The connection of astronomy with the science of electricity can lead to almost everything. “


All these sensational confessions could not fail to cause heightened public interest, which quickly turned into a real stir. 
After reading the stories of Tesla and Marconi, another genius of his era, Thomas Edison, who was considered Tesla’s “worst” rival, became interested in “aliens from Mars”. 

“Although I am not an expert in wireless telegraphy, I can clearly see that the mysterious wireless interruptions that Mr. Marconi’s operators are experiencing could be a good basis for the theory that people on other planets are trying to signal us. 

Mr. Marconi is absolutely right in stating that this is completely within the realm of possibility. If we are to accept the theory of Mr. Marconi that these signals are sent by the inhabitants of other planets, we must accept the theory of their high development. Either they are equal to us in intelligence, or ours are even higher than us, our “bosses”. It would be foolish of us to assume that we are the only ones with intelligence in the Universe. “


Soon after the “alien talk” incident, Tesla began developing new antenna towers and completely new communications equipment. 
It is believed that he was eager to continue his contact with the aliens and wanted to receive new messages from them. 
He saw this as a kind of new frontier for the human race:

“One day my ear caught what appeared to be regular signals. I knew they could not be produced on Earth. Marconi’s idea of ​​communicating with other planets is the greatest and most exciting challenge facing the human imagination today. To succeed, you need to organize a group of competent scientists who will study all possible plans and enthrall the very best, an issue that should probably be guided by astronomers with ample support from people with money and imagination.”

“Assuming there are intelligent beings on Mars, success is quite possible. Certainly, some planets are not inhabited, while others are inhabited, and among them, there should be life in all conditions and at all stages of development. Personally, I base my belief on the faint planetary electrical disturbances that I discovered in the summer of 1899 and which, according to my research, could not be caused by the Sun, Moon, or Venus. “

Further study of science convinced me that they must have come from Mars. All doubts on this score will soon be dispelled. I observed electrical actions that seemed inexplicable. No matter how weak and insecure they may be, they inspired me with a deep conviction and foresight that soon all people on this globe, as one, will turn their gaze to the heavenly firmament, with feelings of love and respect, excited by joy, “

Nikola Tesla

However, then something unknown happened, which is why Nikola Tesla abruptly abandoned these experiments. 
Coupled with the fact that after Tesla’s death, the FBI confiscated most of his records and personal diaries, which seems really mysterious and strange.

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  1. it is tesla, not marconi, who invented the radio. tesla has a supreme court ruling stating this, even tho marconi is given credit.

  2. Back to the Tree of Knowledge and the Serpent/fallen Angel showing how to become wise, and then again Nimrod building the Tower of Bable to make contact with the fallen angels, and then Nicola Telsa and others receiving information from Space and then German rocket scientist knowledge, then information from the 1947 Space Craft crash at Roswell, and now DARPA and CERN trying to open gates and communication from other dimensional beings. And now the whole world looking for a supernatural leader to unite all under one leader, the Anti-Christ. Plus both Christians and Muslims looking for the anti-christ. Except the U.S. who elected Biden!

  3. NOPE DONT THINK IT WAS ANOTHER PLANET but i do think it could have been another dimension a few thousandths of an inch away from ours….the same for ufo,s to have a power supply large enough to cross multiple lightyears of space the ship would all most have to be the size of a small planet but to tear a hole in space and slip through to the other side just a few inches away this i icould beleive could happen in a ship a few 10,s of meters high and wide…fire up the engine for a few seconds move into the rift shut engine down because you are there let the rift close and look around to see whats there….

  4. Tesla invented coax cable but you never see that mentioned. That and the gas turbine are two of his greatest inventions.

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