Pilots Who Encountered UFOs Experienced Radiation Burns And Space-Time Warp Says Ex-U.S. Army CI Special Agent

A close encounter of the sixth type is one where the witnesses suffer some kind of physical consequence. According to Luis Elizondo, some pilots reported strange burns after chasing unidentified flying objects. 

Four years have passed since an explosive article in The New York Times revealed a grim program run by the US military whose task was to investigate UFOs, accompanied by several videos showing encounters starring Navy personnel.

Since then, various pilots have come forward to discuss what they saw, often characterizing the objects as oddly shaped and defying the laws of physics as they hurtled through the air.

Now, Luis Elizondo – who since his resignation from the aforementioned Pentagon program (AATIP) has spoken publicly about his own experiences and provided some other interesting intelligence on the matter – has suggested that some of the pilots who encountered the unknown suffered physical symptoms later.

“I have to be careful, I can’t speak too specifically, but one could imagine you get a report from a pilot saying, ‘Lue, it’s really weird. I was flying and I got close to this thing and I came home and it was like the sunburn. I was red for four days, ”he said in a recent interview with GQ magazine.

And the former intelligence officer has his own interpretation of what that might mean.

“Well, that’s a sign of radiation,” he said. That’s not a sunburn; it’s a radiation burn. ‘

Luis ‘Lue’ Elizondo. 
Credit: New York Times / eyevine.

Elizondo even went so far as to say that other pilots experienced the “space-time warp,” only using “five minutes of fuel” even though 30 minutes had passed.

“And the closer you get to one of these vehicles, the more you can begin to experience space-time in relation to the vehicle and the environment,” he said in reference to one of the theories about these objects, which suggests that they use some a type of alteration of the space-time around the spacecraft to move at incredible speeds from one place to another.

Tantalizingly, he also said that there are even more previously unreleased videos on these strange phenomena.

“There are videos [in the government, that the public has not seen], there is one that lasts 23 minutes,” revealed Elizondo. “There’s another one where this thing is 50 feet away from the plane’s cabin.”

Is it this material not yet seen by the public that has recently prompted a US senator to push for an amendment to have annual reports on UFO activity and share it with the public? Will this material be released soon by the Government Office dedicated to seriously investigating the subject?

Everything seems to indicate that it is no longer a question of whether it will happen, but of when.

Source: GQ

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