Mind Blowing Accurate Predictions By Nikola Tesla That Turned Out To Be True

Knowing what the future holds for humans has been a topic of fascination for thousands of decades for people. When something predicted turns out to be true, it is both fascinating and scary at the same time. In this article, we have brought to you mind blowing predictions by Nikola Tesla that turned out to be true.

Mind Blowing Accurate Predictions By Nikola Tesla That Turned Out To Be True

Over decades, several theorists and space enthusiasts have predicted phenomenon that indeed turned out to be true. If not the exact, but several close events have been predicted.
The flourishment of business tycoons likes Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerburg is been predicted some 90 years ago.

Here, we have come with the certain mind blowing predictions made by Nikola Tesla. He was one of the most intelligent scientist that the history has ever witnessed.

Until his time, electricity was barely even making a mark. Mr. Tesla was amongst other ordeals, he was known as an inventor, physicist, futurist, and an electrical as well as mechanical engineer.

Nikola Tesla’s Mind-Blowing Predictions

On 19 January, 30 in 1926, an interview was conducted in which Nikola Tesla discussed his certain predictions that might come true in future. During the interview, the genius predicted that the world will own technologies such as flying machines, wireless power transmissions, cell phones. Women empowerment and their superiority was also discussed by him.
Few Major predictions are discussed below:

Nikola Tesla Predicted Mobile Phones

Only a couple of years after the invention of wireless technology, Tesla predicted that a time will come when humans will have the comfort of knowing the news from all over the world at their fingertips.

The Earth will serve as a giant brain after possessing the wireless transmission of technology. He predicted that humans will be able to conduct conversation without meeting face to face.

He further stated that we will be able to hear and listen to people as if we are present there ourselves. Today, we do see BBC creating devices that allow us to launch our “I Player”, as presented by BBC, but also to change channels using only our minds through a headset.

Back then when Nikola was alive, they were already having motion pictures transmitted wirelessly, just over short distances.
However, Tesla knew that the time will come when the world would see mankind carrying phones in their pockets, wireless broadcasting, as well as wireless locomotives

Modern Railways and Flying Machines

He predicted that modern railways and flying machines would allow a person to travel from Europe to America in just a few short hours. He believed that one of the most valuable applications in which wireless electricity will be used is the propulsion of flying machines.

Flying machines that will be able to run on fuel was predicted by him. He further stated that the international boundaries will be obliterated thus providing a huge step towards the unification and harmonious existence of the various races inhabiting our planet.
Daily newspaper to be printed wireless inside the home during the night.

He classified heaters, air conditions etc as “Next Gen Machines”. He stated that management of household mechanics such as heat, light, and other services will be freed from all wires and utilizing the services of wireless electricity.
Flying cars are expected to be launched by 2071 by AeroMobil.

Excel in Medical field

It was predicted by him that 21st century advanced technology will be able to better protect us by diseases as well as other threats to extinguish the existence of mankind. He stated that there will be no limitations upon our advancing technology for the aid and protection of human existence.

We are evidently witnessing the technologies that are able to protect the human race better than ever. One such great invention is a finger nail-paint which turns color upon the detection of “Date-Rap” drugs in her drink.

Exploring the volcanoes

Tesla claimed that we will be able to tap volcanoes which is somewhat true. Scientists have been studying and attempting to learn as well as harness the power of a volcano. The amount of power in which a volcano produces can be enough to power a small city for six months if not longer.

Women Empowerment

Tesla predicted women empowerment back in his days. He stated that the rise of women power will not shallow in physical imitation of men, but that in which a superficial phenomenon into the advancement of her sex is a surface symptom of something actually much deeper and more potent is indeed fermenting the bosom of the race.

Amongst the average scientists, the majority of his predictions turn out to be true. From the early days of traveling by horse and carriage, to now with flying jets and wireless technology.
What does the future hold for the coming generation?

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