The Mystery of the Fairies: Are these the Definitive Evidence of their Existence?

Many photos and videos of supposed fairies invade social networks in recent times. Many are clearly “fakes” but some seem real.
Fairies have always been part of ancient folklore, from medieval times. But is it possible that they exist and have been really captured?

proof of existence of fairies

A fairy is a fantastic and subtle creature. They are usually represented in the form of a beautiful and beautiful woman with butterfly wings.
According to tradition they are protective of nature, product of imagination, tradition or beliefs and belonging to that fabulous world of elves, gnomes, elves, sirens and giants that gives color to the legends and mythologies of all ancient peoples.

They were always part of folklore, and thanks to the culture of cinema and children’s stories, today we recognize this strange being as something sweet and kind. The myth of the fairies resurfaced in 1919, when photographs came to light that would make them speak again about these beings.

The Cottingley Fairies are a series of five photographs taken by Elsie Wright and Frances Griffith, two young cousins ​​who lived in Cottingley, near Bradford (England). These images represented the two doing activities with supposed fairies. The photographs were taken in 1917.

proof of existence of fairies

In 1981, in an interview by Joe Cooper for The Unexplained magazine, the premiums declared that the photographs were false; They had fastened clippings with hat pins. Frances, however, continued to maintain until her death in July 1986 that they had seen fairies and that the fifth photograph, which showed the fairies sunbathing, was true.

By then nobody believed in fairies or anything. That was just fantasies of Disney movies. Until conventional video cameras, and photo cameras accessible to everyone. Then they returned to capture images where they seemed to have recaptured fairies. But society called it insects or pareidolias.

In addition, mobile phones, IP cameras and state-of-the-art technology, of which we make frequent use today, arrived. And it is here where Pandora’s box is unveiled with the eternal question: Do fairies really exist?

There is a home video that has been around the world. It shows a family and their three children playing in a garden. One of the girls is upset because she hears a strange buzzing sound in an apple tree nearby. When the father approaches to focus with the camera, he sees that a strange being with a humanoid aspect is fluttering in a nest, this being confronts them and the family runs away.proof of existence of fairiesUndoubtedly the video is shocking. Like these images captured in 2012 by surveillance cameras in a private home. Although many say it is a moth, the images leave no doubt that it is not a moth or any known insect. Well, its appearance is typical of a fairy.

We do not want to feed false news, but it is true that some images make us think.

proof of existence of fairiesThat being, if it had been really a being that inhabited our planet hundreds of years ago, could have been a fairy. In fact, the legends that tell about these tiny beings in Chile and Peru speak of a mystical connection between these beings and nature. And that they lived underground or hidden from the sun, since, apparently, these beings were photosensitive and left at nightfall.(proof of existence of fairies)

Are we really faced with fairies? Will these be the tests that verify the existence of these beings? We may be a little closer to the truth. Perhaps the legends and the old stories about winged beings that protected nature are true and true. We will be attentive to new news.

Do you want to see real fairies?

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  1. I wasnt too sure of fairies and I don’t even think about them, I thought it was just a story, but today in my dream I saw two of them, male and female and small tiny creature, I think they were riding on. Sleeping by my bed,
    They were very beautiful, they look in the color Green with white stripes at their back, but the female is a little different from the male…..

    I was just looking at them sleeping and I ask my self.. What is this…. And they reply me instantly… We are fairies….. It’s unbelievable, I still have them in my mind

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