Time Traveler says he has a Photographic Proof that he went to the year of 1863 and saw Abraham Lincoln

A lawyer has said that as a child he was part of a travel program at the time of the US government at the height of the Cold War, and was sent back in time to the speech of Abraham Lincoln at Gettysburg in 1863.(Time Traveler)

Time Traveler

Andrew Basiago is now trying to expose the Pegasus secret project, which he said was an attempt backed by the Pentagon to manipulate time at the height of the Cold War. The Pegasus Secret Project was commissioned by the Advanced Defense Research Agency or DARPA, and some of the best American scientific brains worked on it.(Time Traveler)

He states that massive amounts of taxpayer money were poured into the Pegasus Project and that Einstein’s theory of special relativity was twisted to create a time machine. However, the government considered it so dangerous that it was closed. Basiago, of Vancouver, in the state of Washington, said his father was involved in the program that initially left New Jersey in 1968.(Time Traveler)

He claimed he was selected to help conduct an experiment using wormhole technology – and it was sent to 1863, minutes before Abraham Lincoln delivered the historic Gettysburg Address during the American Civil War.

Wormholes are an accepted part of theoretical physics capable of doubling space time to allow travel over vast distances in an instant or travel through time itself. In a detailed interview, Mr. Basiago explained that the technology had two aspects.(Time Traveler)

Time Traveler

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In the early days, he says, scientists created the Chronovision – a system he said “generates a hologram of a past or future event by conducting an electromagnetic signal through an octagonal, an array of eight sides of bismuth crystals.” However, by 1972, when it says that it traveled in time, the Pegasus Boffins Project had managed to bend the space-time continuum using a technique called “radiant energy”.

Basiago said that the “latent and penetrating energy in the universe” was accessible through a machine composed of “two gray elliptical barriers” of about eight feet high, built 10 feet away and in which the participant got into . He said: “The Chronovision later became a different technology called plasma confinement that they used to take me to Gettysburg in 1863.”

He states that his leap of time took place in the spring of 1972 at a time laboratory in East Hanover New Jersey under the direction of Dr. Stirling Colgate, who died in 2013. The doctor was closely involved in the development of the pump of US hydrogen and much of its work is still classified to this day.

Mr. Basiago added: “I was serving as president of the New Mexico School of Science and Technology and had developed a methodology called Plasma Confinement where the time traveler stands in a clear Lucite chamber and walks in a plasma cloud and is essentially taken by the wormhole. ” By this method he claims to have been thrown back in time until 1863 and even says he has photographic evidence.(Time Traveler)

Time Traveler
Andrew D. Basiago with 10 years, according to him, in Gettysburg in 1863.

The attorney-turned-conspiracy theorist said he had arrived just outside Gettysburg as a seven-year-old boy, but had been barefoot and ill-dressed – before being taken in by a Union shopkeeper and given a cornet uniform and shoes too big, the only ones left in the store.

He added: “Wearing men’s oversized shoes as a time traveler since 1972 in the darkest Pegasus project I was photographed. “And the photo, which until last year was the only one left to show President Lincoln at Gettysburg the day he gave a speech.”

Mr. Basiago has become a well-known conspiracy theorist in the United States and has even claimed to have visited Mars and been present at the Lincoln assassination, but we will tell him about it another time.(Time Traveler)

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