The Prophecy of the bible that will astound you!!


Prophecy of bible

Prophecy of bible:

The Bible is considered a sacred book for billions of people, according to the Judeo-Christian tradition the words written there are part of the message inspired by God, transmitted by his servants the prophets for the salvation of mankind. In addition to its great historical value, the importance of Bible prophecy is truly impressive given that it has predicted great events in history with millimeter accuracy. However paradoxically throughout history the ecclesiastical hierarchy and other elites of power have shown that it is not convenient for these truths to be known by the population in general, for this reason they forbade for many years the reading of the sacred book and only had access to The prophecy a small number of privileged.[Prophecy of bible]

Prophecy of bible

The man who calls himself pontiff and vicar of Christ on earth did not obey the Master’s words of bringing the prophecies of the Bible to the whole world, but used his great power as supreme ruler of the known world to forbid reading Of the Bible for centuries. Until the events of the French Revolution and the Enlightenment took place that seized power from the papacy and returned the Bible to the people. The questions that arise from all this is that he tried to hide the papacy for so long? Why so afraid of the people knowing the words written in the Bible? The main prophecies of the Bible As we have already indicated the Bible is full of revealing prophecies, of which we will mention some of the most surprising. They lead us to conclude that the authors of these writings were more than simple shepherds or peasants , and probably were individuals with superior intelligence, who were sent by some entity or extraterrestrial with a special message to the earth , which the powerful have sought Intercept for centuries.[Prophecy of bible]

Prophecy of bible

[Prophecy of bible]

The statue of Daniel  In the book of Daniel chapter 2 it is said that King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon had a dream that troubled him too much; therefore he summoned all the wise men and diviners of his kingdom and no one could decipher the meaning to him, yet there was a young Hebrew who Was a prisoner of war, who requested a hearing to the king indicating that he had received the message with the meaning of the monarch’s dream. In the dream Nebuchadnezzar saw a statue made of different materials , the head was pure gold, the chest and arms were wrought in silver, the belly and thigh part was bronze, the lower part of the iron legs, his Feet partly of iron and partly of clay. And in the middle of the dream a stone falls on the feet of the image and it destroys it. Advertisements For this image describes the history of succession of power in mankind and has been met with a chilling precision, remember that Daniel lived centuries before Christ and in his interpretation described how the management of power would be transmitted until thousands of years after his death . The head of gold symbolized the great reign of Nebuchadnezzar at the head of the Babylonian empire, which was brilliant and splendorous as fine gold even today there are vestiges of what was that great empire in what is now Iraq and Iran , Nothing less than the hanging gardens of Babylon, one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world was the work of this king. The silver breast represented the empire of fear and the Persians , who rose and dominated the world after overthrowing the Babylonians. The bronze thighs meant the kingdom of Alexander the Great at the head of the Greek legions that managed to conquer the known world, before turning 30 years old. And after Alexander and the Greeks rose the great Roman empire that ruled as hard as iron , so they are represented by that metal in the statue. Nevertheless the Roman dominion had two stages the stage of the emperors and the papal stage, that is why in that part of the statue are mixed the iron and the mud , the iron represents the force of the imperial armies and the mud the decay of the empire And mastery based on deception through imposed religion. Then the statue was knocked down by a large rock and this part is precisely the one feared by the powerful because it means that all established power will be overthrown to establish a New World Order. From whom did Daniel receive such a precise message? Why do the mighty men of the earth insist on censoring the prophecies of the Bible? It is truly disconcerting that most people in the world do not yet know these truths, although they are already available to all, but the power dome still has tools to prevent this message from reaching the masses, not with force Of weapons but with the power of deception , with which they have been able to divert the attention of the majorities for hundreds of years.[Prophecy of bible]

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