The Incredible Story Of Paul Dienach, The Man Who Fell Into Coma And Awakened In The Year 3,906

Paul Dienach spent a year in a coma victim of a strange disease and upon awakening, he assured that his conscience had traveled to the body of a man of the year 3906.

The Incredible Story Of Paul Dienach, The Man Who Fell Into Coma And Awakened In The Year 3,906

“Chronicles of the Future” is a book that contains the diary of a man who never intended for his words to be revealed to the world.

Although many will immediately dismiss this testimony as a great delusion, Dienach took it very seriously. But let’s start at the beginning. Dienach was a professor of German who lived at the beginning of the last century in Central Europe and the truth is that he never thought to be a writer nor much less to travel in time. Circumstances led him to that.

The Incredible Story Of Paul Dienach, The Man Who Fell Into Coma And Awakened In The Year 3,906

In 1921, Paul Dienach was the victim of a major epidemic of lethargic encephalitis, and as a result, he entered a coma, where he remained for a year in a hospital in Geneva.

When he woke up, he began to write his diary, in which he said that during that whole year he was wide awake.

According to Dienach in his diary, far from being confined to his bed, his conscience traveled to the body of another man named Andrew Northman, with the extra peculiarity that this man will live (sounds strange, but it is so) in 3906.

People of the year 3906 realized that a different consciousness was in the body of Andrew Northman and they decided to tell him everything that had happened in the world in the last two millennia.

Upon awakening, Paul Dienach feared being considered a madman, so he did not tell anyone what had happened to him. But all that changed in Greece. At 36, Dienach’s health status left a lot to be desired, so he decided to move to Greece, where there is a better climate. So in 1922 he moved there and began teaching French and German to survive.

Among his students was George Papahatzis, who described Dienach as “a modest man who used to pay attention to details.” After two years, his health hit bottom and he decided to move again, now to Italy. Before leaving, he gave his diary to Papahatzis, his favorite pupil, to practice his German by translating the text from German into Greek.

Anyway, Dienach left and in 1924 died of tuberculosis. For his part, Papahatzis translated the text over a period of 14 years, from 1926 to 1940. At first, he thought it was a novel, albeit a very rare one. But as he advanced he realized that what he was translating was a diary.

Following is a synopsis of that book… the events as remembered by Paul Dienach that will transpire on Earth over the next 2,000 years. Bear in mind, this is the illusory sense of “time” we’re talking about… so don’t write the dates in your calendar in indelible ink. Also, this article is based on several translations of excerpts from the book, and may not be fully in line with the actual book.


Humanity begins to solve overpopulation, ecological destruction, greenhouse gases, climate change, famine, tyranny, and regional conflict. Discoveries are made in the interactions of electromagnetic energies, gravity, spiritual energy (ethermodynamics), and antigravity, resulting in a Nobel Prize in the physical sciences.

Most of Earth’s gravitational energies are attributed to solar radiation. Science can photograph spiritual energies, and more and more people can see the spirits moving in and out of our world by switching on their inner “etheric vision,” as psychic channels do today.

Economic systems become more humane, wise, and based on goodwill. People are freed from the slavery of financial survival, affording them more time for inner work and spiritual development. The monetary system goes extinct, child mortality becomes a rarity, and fossil fuels are replaced by sustainable energies.

Our carnivorous inclinations fade away as we become vegetarians.

Mars is colonized in 2204 by 20 million people, but they are all destroyed in 2265 by a massive natural disaster, and the goal of future Mars colonization is then abandoned.


A major world war erupts in 2309 with widespread destruction. Humanity survives, and a world government is established in 2396 to prevent such disasters in the future. Leaders elected through direct voting from all nations are mostly scientists, engineers, and humanitarians… no longer politicians or businessmen. A balance of power is sustained by a working alliance among the private sector (e.g. transnational corporations), national governments, and the world government.

Banks and stock exchanges are now extinct, replaced with a sort of “vote-money” (which is probably an electronic measure of the real value of products, resources, and energy).

There’s still some private property, although world resources have been redistributed in such a way that everyone is afforded at least a basic, healthy standard of living.

Contact is established and relationships develop with extraterrestrial civilizations, and the public is kept apprised.

Conflicts among large groups are rare, and large-scale war is a thing of the past.


The threat of global totalitarianism begins to rise as savage groups begin to undermine the world government through cyber-piracy. By 2600, the private sector and national governments play only a minor role in world affairs as people have acquired a planetary consciousness. World government begins to work extraordinarily well as the savage groups are quelled and direct voting becomes a way of life.

World transportation is primarily through spiritual (etheric) energies and flying discs.


While equality has been achieved for basic necessities, there’s still some inequity in technological advancement from region to region.

More and more people become telepathic, and science makes tremendous strides. Much is learned about the interior of the planet, including an “internal sun and atmosphere” and its history spanning billions of years. Cities are built in the Earth’s interior. In medical science, pharmaceutical drugs play a small role, replaced by new treatments in sound, color, light, and meditation.

Despite these major advances, humans remain largely materially oriented and spiritually sluggish… measuring their personal success in terms of their possessions and technologies.


Beginning in 3382, a spiritual renaissance begins to quickly transform the world into a state of “hyper vision,” in which most people achieve direct knowledge through connections with the finer spiritual light. People on Earth can now create through intention, as is done in the finer spiritual realms.

We enter a new Golden Age of World Civilization. Many of the leaders in world government are now universal creators, rather than just scientists and engineers. The new leaders combine the qualities of the philosopher, scientist, artist, mystic, and more.

Planetary languages are developed based on three-dimensional, inner-vision images that are projected mentally without sound, writing, or the Internet.

Science has discovered and activated a dormant form of DNA that consists of more than two strands.

Everyone now has access to free clothes, food, housing, transportation, entertainment, scientific products, and creative expression. There is no private property. Everyone is vegetarian, and there are no zoos… no animal slavery, or abuse of any kind.

Flying discs are obsolete, replaced by a new form of transportation involving “field gates” (which are probably portals between the physical and spiritual realms in which material vehicles and their occupants are raised to a finer, nonphysical vibration, moved instantly to another location in three-dimensional space, and rematerialized). These spiritual technologies are introduced to Earth by other galactic civilizations, now that humanity is ready (which apparently means that humans have finally transformed their noble-savage nature into a predominantly noble one).

By today’s standards, the future humans would seem naïve, sensitive, sincere, unpretentious, and free of cunning ulterior motives. People can sense each other’s feelings and intentions, so secrecy is no longer part of human culture.

There are no material inequalities, only inequalities of reputation, honor, and public appraisal.

People work the equivalent of two years over a lifetime, which by now is much longer than lifetimes of the 21st Century, and they don’t measure success by material possessions, but by spiritual work within and by their service to those around them.

Well, these visions that came to Paul Dienach during his coma certainly resonate with the views and intentions of this site. May your greatest dreams come true, Paul Dienach!

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  1. So, where is the book? The issue that I have with your site is that you do not provide enough evidence. I would expect that you would have been able to track down this book and provide a link to it, or a location as to where the original could be found.

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