The Terrible Reality of the Healthcare Business and the Pharmaceutical Industry

Advances in medicine have advanced dramatically in the last hundred years, preventing and eradicating diseases that were typical in another time. Thanks to this, we can live better and even extend our life expectancy. But is all that glitters, or is there still much more to discover about the pharmaceutical industry?(Reality of the Healthcare Business)

Reality of the Healthcare Business

We know that the pharmaceutical industry makes millions of dollars in profits at the expense of our health and the modern system that establishes guidelines to follow in terms of medical treatments, ways of life and habits, food, etc. The laboratories of these large corporations are the ones that decide if a disease has a cure or not. It is hard, but the thousands of press reports and the real testimonies made public, testify that this is the case.(Reality of the Healthcare Business)

It is for this reason that governments conceal these large corporations, given that governments also benefit from this corrupt plot. Has anyone ever wondered why a medication to relieve a simple headache has so many side effects? It is, at least, to ask him.

The WHO (World Health Organization) is the highest institution in terms of health refers to the entire planet. According to the WHO, we have increased life expectancy three months a year since 1840 thanks to the development and advancement of modern science. In four generations life expectancy increased by six points, which is equivalent to six million years on average.

Life expectancy has increased exponentially for two centuries, making the average 75 years of life. Although the barometer varies depending on the area of the globe to which we refer. But is it true that we live longer?

Reality of the Healthcare Business

Life expectancy data began to be collected in the seventies of the last century, but this does not show that life expectancy was greater or lesser, before the pharmaceutical revolution. And it is well known that, in ancient times, some civilizations enjoyed a high life expectancy. In some cases, extremely high.

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Plato, for example, who lived in 400 BC, lived 81 years. Pythagoras reached 94 years of age. Confucius died at 72 years old. And in more modern times, in the year 1564 Galileo Galilei died, with 77 years of age. Cervantes died at 68, George Washington at 67, Tomas Edison at 84, and so we could be all day, showing that the life expectancy in different stages, could have been identically the same as today.(Reality of the Healthcare Business)

It could be deduced that we have not really increased our life expectancy, but rather, we have maintained it. But contrary to what happened in ancient times, today we solve our ills and diseases with medication and drugs that, not only in many cases could be replaced by natural products, but produce other symptoms or diseases.(Reality of the Healthcare Business)

Therefore it is important to say that, although in most cases and causes, medicine helps us to remain alive and healthy, it is also our responsibility that we have placed all our trust in the pharmaceutical industry. And the way they work today (as a lucrative business) is also avoidable if we are all aware of how the system works.

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