The Case Of Reincarnation Of Swarnlata Mishra

The Case Of Reincarnation Of Swarnlata Mishra – Identified Past Life Family Members And Incidents Accurately

An Indian woman named Swarnlata Mishra was born in 1948 and when she was three years old, she suddenly “remembered” her past life. This happened when she and her parents went to a distant city to visit relatives. Suddenly, the girl asked the driver of the car to “turn to her house.”

Swarnlata Mishra
Swarnlata Mishra

The Reincarnation Of Swarnlata Mishra

The alarmed parents then noted the strangeness of their daughter’s statement but decided not to pay attention to it, mistaking it for children’s games. However, this was only the beginning. After that, memories of a past life began to return to the girl in a rapid manner. 

And when she began to speak in an incomprehensible language that no one in their family knew and began to dance dances that no one performed in this region of India, her father realized that this was something serious and began to keep a diary of observations, writing down all the daughter’s words about her past life.

When this story reached H.N. Banerjee, a scientist at the University of Rajasthan, he decided to study this case and try to understand where the child could have had these memories.

He carefully checked Swarnlata’s nine statements about where her house was located, including the description of the house and the fact that her family had a private car (a rarity in India at the time), and finally found the place and the family.  

According to him, Swarnlata Mishra could have been in a past life a 40-year-old woman named Biya Pathak, who died nine years before Swarnlata was born.

When Swarnlata Mishra was 11 years old, her current parents and her past life family met for the first time to try to find out if Swarnlata really knows many details of her past life. 

Swarnlata Mishra’s Meeting With Her Past Life Family

The Pathak family was very skeptical about this and they didn’t want to meet Swarnlata Mishra for a long time, believing it was all a scam. However, when they met the girl, her reaction to their appearance was such that they were very surprised, and then gradually finally believed that this was their deceased relative.

Biya’s brother named Hari Prasad was the first to come out to the girl and the girl greeted him with the name “Babu”. It turned out that the late Biya called her brother by this affectionate nickname and no other relative used this name. 

Then Biya’s husband Cintami Pandey and his son Murli entered. The girl immediately told Bia’s husband that they first met in the city of Katni. It turned out to be true, the relatives of Chintamani Pandey lived in this city.

Then other relatives of Biya, all men, entered the room, and the girl immediately took a certain pose and covered her head with a scarf. This is how married Indian women usually behave in the presence of their husbands and strangers.

Then the girl correctly named the men who were Biya’s three brothers, while arranging them in order of seniority and indicating who their wives were.

A year later, Swarnlata Mishra was taken to the city of Maihar, where Biya Pathak lived with her husband after they left the city of Katni. 

Swarnlata Mishra with her husband and grandchildren
Swarnlata Mishra with her husband and grandchildren

There, a special test was prepared for her – the second son of the late Biya named Naresh, about whom the girl was not told anything, was supposed to get lost among the crowd of relatives, and then he was introduced to the girl, calling him by a different name.

But Swarnlata Mishra, at the sight of Naresh, immediately recognized him, called him her son, and called him by his real name. She was told that she was mistaken in order to try to confuse her, but the girl firmly insisted that this was her son.

Then Swarnlata began to tell various details about Biya’s life, including pointing out that she had bad teeth and that she put a lot of gold crowns, and also named some details that only the late Biya and her husband could know.

While in Maihar, the girl also remembered that one of Biya’s sisters had died before her, and also pointed out Biya’s old bedroom while driving along the road, and correctly related that their family used to bathe at a certain place in the nearby river.

Swarnlata’s stories were not always true. So, pointing out that once Biya’s husband secretly took money from a home piggy bank, she made a mistake with the amount. She also once said that her name was not Biya, but Kamlesh, but then she corrected herself, saying that her name was Kamlesh in another past life.

Also, Swarnlata Mishra made a mistake with the cause of Biya’s death, saying that she died of a sore throat. In reality, Biya actually suffered from a sore throat, but then she was cured and died later from heart problems.

However, compared to those cases where Swarnlata’s words coincided 100% with the real life of Biya Pathak, these were mere trifles and in the end all participants admitted that this was a case of real reincarnation.

Biya Pathak’s family specifically noted that when the girl was in the same room with them, she behaved very reservedly and accommodatingly, respecting Biya’s parents, as it was in reality. And when she was in the company of Biya’s sons, her behavior changed, now she was like a loving mother to them.

As for the unknown language and dances that Swarnlata performed, she said that it was the Bengali language and dances and that she had these memories from that life when her name was Kamlesh.

She said that she lived as a girl named Kamlesh for the nine years that passed from the moment of Biya’s death to the moment of her birth as Svarnlata. She also said that as Kamlesh she lived in the city of Sylhet, which is now in Bangladesh, and died of an illness.

Experts, both Indian and foreign, have repeatedly studied the reincarnation of Swarnlata Mishra, including Dr. Ian Stevenson, who helped bring her case to international attention by describing it in his 1966 book Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation.

Alas, when Swarnlata turned 25, she was no longer able to tell new details about her past life as Biya, she could no longer remember them. But that hasn’t stopped Biya’s family from continuing to treat her like a relative and maintain close family ties.

Reincarnation researcher Dr. Kirti Swarup Rawat interviewed Swarnlata, who married in 1973 and was a college teacher in her 60s. 

She told him that she still holds annual meetings with her brothers from the “past life” and participates in their lives.

Dr. Rawat, in an article published in 2019, wrote the following: 

“She told me that she feels like she belongs to a past life family when she is among them, while when she is with those who are her family in this life, she thinks that the latter are her family. She can live well-established life in both places.”

Following Dr. Rawat’s visit, the International Center for Reincarnation Research issued the following statement: 

“Svarnlata says that her family from a past life still gives her the same honors as before. Now the family has expanded, the grandchildren also give her the same respect as before. Svarnlata’s sister-in-law was very pleased to meet us. Although she says that it is very difficult to believe in rebirth, she must believe after hearing everything about the case of her mother-in-law’s rebirth.”

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