The Proven Case Of Reincarnation Of Gopal Gupta: Murdered By His Brother In Past Life

The Proven Case Of Reincarnation Of Gopal Gupta: Murdered By His Brother In Past Life

Birth and death are two inevitable elements of human life or of any other life living on Earth for that matter. However, several mysterious cases of reincarnation have been unraveled over the passage of time such as the Pollock Twins case, Shanti Devi case, and Omm Seti reincarnation. One such case which has been verified and is found to be credible is the reincarnation of Gopal Gupta.

Shanti Devi
Shanti Devi

The unbelievable rebirth of Gopal Gupta, who in his previous life claimed to have been Shaktipal Sharma is one such case that caught a lot of attention. Professor Ian Stevenson, who is a pioneer in the field of reincarnation study, looked into the mysterious case and confirmed its authenticity.

The Mysterious Case of Shaktipal Sharma Reborn as Gopal Gupta

Gopal Gupta, who was born in Delhi on 26 August 1956 to Mr. S.P. and Mrs. Omavati Gupta, was just a regular kid of his age and showed no abnormal symptoms earlier. However, one day, Gopal said something which not only surprised his entire family but also baffled them. The Gupta family had some guests invited over to their place, and water was offered to the guest which is customary in India.

When the guests were done consuming water, Gopal was asked to remove the glasses from the table. To which, he ferociously replied:

Reincarnation of a Human is part of the life cycle.  ( Gopal Gupta)
Reincarnation of a Human is part of the life cycle.

“I will not pick it up. I am a Sharma!”

Young Gopal.

The Hindu population of India is divided into four different varnas, and Brahmins are on the top of that hierarchy which includes surnames such as Sharma, Bhardwaj, Pandey, etc, on the other hand, the Gupta surname falls into the third category is Vaishyas. In the past, it was forbidden for the brahmins to engage in tasks that were believed to be of lower status such as serving food, cleaning utensils, etc.

This was the moment that shocked the entire Gupta family and Gopal claimed himself to be Shaktipal Sharma from the State of Uttar Pradesh. He stated that his home is actually in Mathura, which is believed to be a divine city in India since the city has served as home for many years to Lord Krishna. Gopal further stated that in his prior life, he had a medicine shop in Mathura called “Sukh Sancharak,”.

Reincarnation of a Human is part of the life cycle. (Gopal Gupta)
The city of Mathura. Krishna Janam Bhumi (Lord Krishna’s birthplace)

Mr. S.P. Gupta, upon hearing Gopal’s unusual statements, resolved to probe the facts with the assistance of his friends. Mr. Gupta was informed by one of his acquaintances that there is, in fact, a company named “Sukh Sancharak” in Mathura. Mr. Gupta traveled to Mathura and contacted the manager of ‘Sukh Sancharak’ to verify the information provided by Gopal.

The firm manager was intrigued by the similarities between Gopal’s statements and Shaktipal Sharma’s life. The management acknowledged that Shaktipal was a former employee who was shot dead in 1948 by his younger brother.

Shaktipal was married to Subhadra and he was a notable figure in Mathura. Additionally, he was chosen Chairman of the Mathura Municipal Board, a post equivalent to that of mayor.

The company ‘Sukh Sancharak’ was founded by Shaktipal’s father. After his father’s passing, Shaktipal and his younger brother operated the store.  Brijendrapal, the youngest brother, was not actively engaged in the family business.

How Did Shaktipal Sharma Die?

Brijendrapal, who was in debt once asked Sahaktipal’s wife, Subhadra Devi, to lend him 5,000 Rupees, as women were responsible for household finances at the time to which  Subhadra declined.  Brijendrapal then asked for financial assistance from his brother, Shaktipal. Shaktipal then requested the money from his wife, but she declined. Shaktipal and his wife argued about the matter.

Brijendrapal, angry at not receiving the money, went to the company’s headquarters and began a quarrel with his brothers. In a rage, he drew a gun and shot Shaktipal in the chest. Thus, at the age of 25, Shaktipal was tragically slain by his own brother! After eight years of the death of Shaktipal Sharma, he was reborn as Gopal Gupta. 

Subhadra Devi and her sister-in-law (the sister of Shaktipal) visited Delhi to see the Gupta family, at that time Gopal was about eight years old. Although Gopal was delighted to meet his sister, he refused to communicate with Subhadra and would not even recognize her presence.

Prior to Subhadra’s visit, Gopal had never told his parents that he had a wife. After Subhadra and her sister-in-law left, his father questioned if Subhadra was his wife, to which he responded:

“I do not have a wife.”

Gopal Gupta.

A few days later, his father inquired about him once more, and Gopal disclosed that Subhadra was his companion in the previous life.   His father inquired, perplexed, as to why he had not responded to this question previously. This prompted Gopal to respond, “I am angry.” Gopal stated that he was angry with his wife because she refused to give him the Rs. 5,000 which he had requested from Brijendrapal in his previous incarnation.

In March 1965, when Gopal was nine years of age, he was taken to Mathura by his parents for the very first time in his present life.  They intended to visit the Sukh Sancharak office first. Mr. S. P. Gupta, who already knew the way to the office, asked Gopal to lead the way. To the amazement of his parents, Gopal arrived at the office with ease and no confusion at all. 

Gopal accurately identified the room which served as his office in his previous life. He was also able to properly imitate the incident of his murder of the officer by his brother Brijendrapal. 

After seeing the workplace, they went on to see Gopal’s former residence.  This time his parents did not know the route.  Gopal led the route once more and, to everyone’s amazement, they successfully reached and identified Shaktipal Sharma’s residence, declaring, “This is my house.”

At Sharma’s residence, Gopal identified his bedroom accurately. In addition, he properly identified two of Shaktipal’s sisters, his father, and Shaktipal himself from the images.

He also stunned everyone by playing the piano at the Sharma home, which he had owned in a previous life, despite never having learned to play the instrument in his lifetime. Well, this is one interesting case of reincarnation whether we believe it or not? What is your take on it, let us know in the comment section.

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