Ryo Tatsuki: The Manga Artist Who Predicted Catastrophic Future Events

Ryo Tatsuki predicted a lot of events from the death of Princess Diana to the tsunami in Japan and the coronavirus pandemic.

There are still some predictions yet to be fulfilled.

Ryo Tatsuki "The Future That I Saw"
Cover of ‘The Future that I Saw ”.

Ryo Tatsuki published her comic titled The Future I Saw (私 が 見 た 未来) in 1999 that predicted: “a great catastrophe will occur in March 2011.” 

That particular issue of Tatsuki’s manga has reached cult status, with a copy in good condition selling on web auction sites for 100,000 yen or more.

Upon further investigation, it was discovered that the inspiration behind her work came from premonitory dreams that the artist had since 1980 and had decided to record in a personal journal. 

Such earlier predictions include, among the most astonishing, the death of Freddie Mercury in 1991, the Kobe earthquake in 1995, and the death of Princess Diana in 1997.

Ryo Tatsuki Death Of Princess Diana
Death of Princess Diana. 
Date of the dream: August 31, 1992. The artist explained that this dream was quite blurry and difficult to remember, however, she wrote the note «Diana? 
Passed away?” 
(ダ イ ヤ ナ? 死 ん だ?) in her diary as soon as she woke up, as well as drawing the lady who appeared in her dream

Furthermore, one morning in 1995, Ryo Tatsuki wrote in her diary: “In 25 years, an unknown virus will arrive in 2020, it will disappear after reaching its peak in April, and it will reappear 10 years later.” 

Later, the year of the COVID-19 pandemic, the author appeared on social media and apologized for not being able to accurately predict the exact peak of the pandemic, which came with the second and third waves. As a result of this accurate prediction, the book gained a lot of popularity again during 2020.

Predictions To Be Fulfilled By Ryo Tatsuki

However, what scares me, even more, are the predictions of things that have not yet happened; namely, a major eruption from Mount Fuji and a mega-earthquake along the Nankai Trench.

“Tatsuki claims that her prophecies follow a 15-year cycle,” says Leo, the artist’s website administrator. “She foresaw the 2011 Tohoku disaster in March 1996. But if something she predicts doesn’t happen, then an additional 15 years must be added, so the next time it happens would be 30 years from now or 45 years from now. and so”.

The 2011 Tsunami Prediction Ryo Tatsuki
The 2011 Tsunami. Date of the dream: March 11, 1996. On March 11, 1996, “a catastrophe somewhere in eastern Japan in March 2011”: is the shocking statement the artist dreamed of. sleeve. 
Initially, she decided to publish it in a magazine in 1996 so that people could know her premonition before it happened. 
And 3 years later, in 1999, it became one of the manga stories of ‘The Future I Saw’.

“So since the major Mount Fuji eruption did not occur 15 years after the prediction, in 2006, there is a high probability that it will occur on August 20 this year,” she explains. 

“The same happened with the earthquake in the Nankai Trench. 

As Tatsuki saw it in a premonitory dream in the summer of 1981, the next probability of it happening will be 45 years later, between June and September 2026.

As for details about these events, the cartoonist herself expressed the following when interviewed for Japan Today

“There is a great possibility of a major eruption from Mount Fuji this year. In the dream that inspired the prediction, I saw the eruption from a great distance. 

For that reason, I cannot be specific about the degree of damage it will cause.

The Great Eruption Of Mount Fuji Ryo Tatsuki
The great eruption of Mount Fuji. 
Date of the dream: August 20, 1991. This is perhaps the most gruesome of the predictions she made. 
An eruption would be a devastating catastrophe and according to her dream, it is set to happen soon. 
The earliest possible date is August 20, 2021, or on the same date every 15 years, through the year 2141. Although Mount Fuji has been dormant for more than 300 years, for the past decade, Japanese geologists have found clues that may indicate that the volcano will erupt soon, a hypothesis that aligns well with the timeline that Ryo Tatsuki envisioned.

“But in the case of the Nankai earthquake, I was also swept away by a subsequent tsunami,” he continues. “As shown in my illustrations, large parts of Kanagawa prefecture are flooded, including the area around Aokibashi in the Kinko-cho area of ​​the Kanagawa district of Yokohama.”

Leaving nothing to chance, Tatsuki says that he plans to move out of Kanagawa Prefecture before June 2026.

And how about the final days of this August? Is there anything a person can do to prepare?

“Realistically, I suppose what you can do is refrain from climbing mountains,” advises the mangaka .

The Mount Fuji
Will it take place this year or will the prediction of the Mount Fuji eruption be delayed for another 15-year cycle? 
Credit: Leon He.

Tatsuki adds that her dream about the Tohoku disaster in March 1996 was “the last” of its kind.

I have regular dreams, but the ones that contained a prophecy were different. It’s difficult to explain, ”she says.


Some people have tried to explain Ryo Tatsuki’s ability by hypothesizing that while dreaming she reaches the collective unconscious state, which is a theoretical subconscious state of mind proposed by psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Carl Jung.

 Some other people are skeptical about his premonitions and attribute it all to mere coincidences. Others simply claim that this is not true.

Regardless of what the truth is or what you believe, the truth is that the manga was published in 1999 and has never been published beyond that date until it finally stopped selling. 

Today it is extremely difficult to find a second-hand copy of this book, as it is considered a rare item for collectors and sells for around 100,000 yen (about $ 1,000). And who knows what would happen if the pending predictions are finally reflected in our reality … Let’s hope that she is wrong this time.

Today, Tatsuki is enjoying her retirement life and no longer experiences premonitory dreams. Meanwhile, she is a very active user on social media where she shares her stories and tries to make a positive impact on Japanese society by using her past predictions to raise awareness of natural disasters.

Source: Japan Today / Medium

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