The Mysterious Tale Of An Entity Named Michael Who Revealed Intricacies Of Reincarnation

The Mysterious Tale Of An Entity Named Michael Who Revealed Intricacies Of Reincarnation

In the early 1970s, a Californian couple and their friends, during Ouija board sessions, established contact with a mysterious entity named Michael who told them weird things about the spirit world and human reincarnation.

One area of ​​the paranormal activities that is inexplicable and rarely makes it to the news, but remains consistently popular, is channeling. 

Channeling is a process in which a person contacts certain beings (spirits, entities, angels, etc.) living in other worlds or dimensions and receives information from them.

There are many ways to get in touch – through trance, spiritualistic sessions, sometimes even through the introduction of an entity into a person’s body, when the entity begins to speak through this person or using automatic writing.

According to eyewitnesses, you can communicate with ghosts or even demons through channeling. 
Below is the story of how a group of people came into contact with a mysterious entity named Michael.

Secrets Revealed By The Mysterious Entity Named Michael

It all began in August 1973 in Oakland, San Francisco Bay Area, California (USA) where Sally Chambers, better known under the pseudonym “Sarah” and her husband Richard Chambers lived. 
Both of them were keen followers of the spiritual teachings of George Gurdjieff, a well-known mystic and philosopher, originally from Armenia.

The Mysterious Tale Of An Entity Named Michael Who Revealed Intricacies Of Reincarnation

This teaching basically followed the postulates that states that:

Most people in their lives live as if half-asleep, not at full strength, and in order to fully reveal their potential, one must use special practices, which Gurdjieff called the “Fourth Way.” 

Sarah and Richard were avid followers of this teaching, and in their quest to find the best way to achieve this promised enlightenment, in the early 1970s, they began conducting spiritual practice classes in their homes with a small group of friends. 

It was at one of these meetings that they came up with the idea to try using a seance board (Ouija board), suggesting that it might lead them into contact with the etheric mind that would change their lives and more.

On August 12, 1973, they had their first session, and at some point, they were contacted by a mysterious entity calling itself simply “Michael” (Michael). 
He or it, whatever you call it, argued that he was not a ghost, spirit, angel, or God, but rather a fragment or part of a larger, higher mind on another plane of existence. 

Michael seemed to know a lot, at first answering simple questions, always categorically and without enthusiasm, almost like a robot, but at some point he proved that he even knows secret or personal details from the lives of Sarah and Richard, and the information he gave them, gradually became deeper and more philosophical. 

The Mysterious Tale Of An Entity Named Michael Who Revealed Intricacies Of Reincarnation

The group then began to conduct regular communication sessions with Michael, revealing more of what he claimed to be the ultimate truth of reality and the human soul.

One of the highlights that Michael often talked about was the reincarnation process. 
According to the mysterious entity named michael,

“The human soul “enters the physical plane as many times as is necessary to cognize all aspects of life,” becoming wiser and approaching transcendence, and consciousness evolves throughout each life.

When the time comes, the soul emerges from this ongoing cycle of birth and rebirth to join a group of souls that form one “higher entity” of which one soul is only a fragment of about 1000 other souls that form a collective that exists as a single integrated whole.

The entity had a higher intelligence that surpasses all its parts, and each individual soul is like the cells in a large organism. 
Michael himself claimed to be part of one of these entities, and explained their nature and mission:

“Our name is Michael. This is for convenience, not the truth. Only a small fragment of this entity bore that name. We are integrated fragments of a larger entity, and we come to you from the causal plane (the non-physical plane of pure reason and thought). We were artists, bankers, barters, lawyers, comedians, cemetery guards, amateurs, governors, guards of various shapes and sizes, gravediggers, horsemen, jugglers and clowns, lute players, maids, mercenaries, merchants, misanthropes, military strategists, nobles, and women, peasants, priests, prostitutes, rebels, revolutionaries, robbers, students, teachers, seductresses, governors, street children and witnesses of the most heinous acts of cruelty and the most loving expressions of kindness and devotion.   

We offer a path to human understanding based on our own experiences, first as humans themselves in calm and turbulent times, and now as reintegrated fragments of the Causal Body, no longer alive as you know it, but still with a keen understanding of what entails behind itself humanity. 

This is how we have been communicating for about 100 years. Our goal is to teach an understanding of evolution on the physical plane so that the student can achieve some understanding of human behavior that will allow him to stop thinking about interpersonal relationships or lack of them and focus on personal life plans. “

Indeed, Michael used to call himself “we” and “us”, that is, in the plural, and said that what he is, this is our final form of existence. 
And our human life is just a kind of chrysalis or larval stage, slowly approaching our final true form. 

As the group sessions with the Ouija board continued, Michael’s knowledge expanded, all carefully written down by group secretary Alice Hannah. 

This information, which they called “The Teachings of Michael” (“Teachings of Michael”), covers a wide range of spiritual and esoteric knowledge. 
Among them is a constant focus on unconditional love, seen as the key to deeper self-awareness, as well as the ability to experience as much as possible in one life and live without regrets that follow one of them in the next iteration. 

As the Chambers group expanded, these teachings spread to other locations, and other “students” began to form their own Teachings of Michael study groups. 
Also, at the same time, more and more people began to claim that Michael and through them transferred his sacred knowledge. 

At one point, there were about a dozen groups receiving messages from Michael, and possibly more.

This movement was further enhanced when the transcripts of Michael’s original sessions were published in 1979 in book form, authored by Chelsea Quinn Yarbrough, to whom Sarah provided the transcripts for Michael’s Messages, which later spawned a series of three additional books. 

These books pushed Michael’s Teachings even deeper into the public consciousness, and sparked the formation of even more groups of followers committed to the philosophy of the new century, gathered many people claiming to be able to receive messages from Michael through the Ouija boards, and the books were even translated into other languages.

It was a phenomenon raising awareness of the practice of channeling, and by far it was one of the most famous examples of channeling in the 1970s and early 1980s. 
Interestingly, when this movement became really widespread and popular, Sarah Chambers herself suddenly began to lose interest in him, ceasing to conduct sessions with her group. 
Later, she told about it this way:

“Our gatherings at the beginning – and I’m sure my friends Alice and Dick think so too – were fun and like big family gatherings. Often on weekends, 18-20 people stayed at the house for mega-sessions. The money never came from hand in hand, as Michael always said that learning pays off. 

Then, in 1976, the atmosphere changed … I just lost interest, that’s all, and started doing other things. I really miss the camaraderie. The group had an atmosphere that made them stick together. 

We came to meetings, whether they were here or Alice and Dick’s, with snacks and stayed until early in the morning. These sessions continued for many hours, with breaks for dinner and sometimes for breakfast. “

In the years that followed, Sarah Chambers occasionally joined Michael’s conferences but was never fully active with her group again. 
However, by this time, the entire phenomenon of Michael had already begun to live its own life, and others took over and led the movement without her participation. 

Sarah Chambers created something that resonated with people, helping to keep it going ever since. 
Michael’s teachings still exist. 
Nowadays, study groups can be found all over the world, as well as many people claiming that they can communicate with the same entity.

Their literature expanded to three additional volumes in a series titled Michael Speaks: The Sarah Chambers Legacy, published by the Michael Teachings Center. 

All of this remains as one of the longest-running and most frequently repeated channeling phenomena, inspiring endless discussion, debate, and reflection, and we can only wonder about it all. 
What is Michael? Is it real at all in some sense, or is it just typical cheap magic in the style of new-age mumbo-jumbo, cults and sects with fake gurus, and so on? 

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  1. Hi,
    Straight to the point: You’ve never heard or read Gurdjieff, right? Your ignorant and uninformed assertions point exactly to this. Maybe I’m wrong here, but I don’t think so …
    I study Gurdjieff for at least 40 years and I can tell ya at least one thing: he would never have made any kind of promise to anyone. Especially when it comes to any “results” of his ideas. That’s not the way it works. More- it would be stupid! … This may seem strange to ya, but that’s life. Life can be strange. And not just by some words of some outside thinker.
    What could be done is not always what can be done. One is the idea, the other the effort.

    And – this may also be strange to ya – but either these people were not connected to the 4th way or it’s just a New Age-story where people tried – with the help of a more famous name – to publish their story. Nobody seriously concerned with Gurdjieff’s ideas would consider this board as more than a hypothetical toy.
    Why that? ’cause it’s too far away from the possibilities and the practice – I can assure ya such a thing is light years away from Gurdjieff’s ideas. But these are also just words. If you want to know something about Mr. Gurdjieff and not just talk about him – hey, there is a big internet! Open your eyes – and not just the mouth.

    Btw. what is a “fake guru”? just another word or the experience of a disappointed word-seeker? Or the words of someone WHO KNOWS? Is there any reason to be awestruck? This person surely also knows to report where the illusion ends and the true reality begins? (that makes me shiver!) – Surely very helpful in a phenomenal world, or am I mistaken?
    Me think the next time, before ya make your judgments so lightly, inform yourself about what you are actually writing and judging. But it is surely in the sense of the inventor to spread prejudices and statements which can refer to nothing. I’m sorry, that only shows your ignorance. And isn’t a good report card.
    Especially for a site I love for its wacky stories and and that I liked to link to – often and gladly.
    Deny ignorance!

    That said – it’s a funny story here, I give ya that!

  2. Hi, my Mom’s name was Sarah Chambers, it was not a pseudonym. She was born Sally Jo and always hated the name so she had her name legally changed to Sarah. Please correct your error. In the book by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, she was called Jessica Lansing.

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