Scientists can not explain the appearance of four very bright rings around the Sun in Canada

Currently science is considered a religion, what can not be explained does not exist. But thanks to the internet we have photos and videos of strange phenomena that are inexplicable. And when these viral publications appear, that’s when scientists come up offering explanations that sometimes are little more than absurd. But much of society believes in these explanations, without thinking at a time otherwise, as it says the very scientific community.(rings around the Sun)

But the reality is that while we constantly learn about how our world works, we find phenomena that are beyond our comprehension. From the strange gelatin that falls from the sky to the inexplicable sound heard in remote parts of our planet, are just some of the anomalies that continue without explanation. And this has been the case of an image published last month on Twitter, which clearly shows strange rings very bright around the sun.

The strange phenomenon in Canada

Last month, the inhabitants of Manitoulin Island, Canada, enjoyed a stunning sunset. But a Canadian woman named Christine McNaughton saw something out of the ordinary and decided to take some photographs. In the images, you can see the sun surrounded by four reddish rings, while illuminating the sky of the whole area. Since it was something he had never seen before, he decided to post the snapshots on his Twitter account so that someone could offer an explanation.(rings around the Sun)

“Guys, take a look at the sunset!” Writes McNaughton in the description that accompanies the images.

rings around the Sun - Scientists can not explain the appearance of four very bright rings around the Sun in Canada

What McNaughton did not expect is that his image will be viral on social networks, much less than both ufologists and conspiracy theorists will offer their own theories and explanations. The popular independent investigator Scott C. Waring explained that the strange phenomenon could have been possible due to several factors, mainly by extraterrestrials that caused an energy source in the lake. Waring added that it could be a gigantic UFO hidden underwater during sunset.

He also ruled out the possibility of an aurora borealis, since it is not a common phenomenon in the area. It was based on the fact that, although Manitoulin Island is located north in Ontario, the sun does not rise in the north, remembering that the Great Lakes are located to the west of the island.(rings around the Sun)

“Remember, the sun sets in the west, not in the north, so it discarded the northern lights, ” Waring explained. “Also, since the Great Lakes are to the west, I would say that this was caused by an excessive abundance of energy on the lake in that area. It is known that atomic bombs have been lost in those lakes, but if this has not been seen in other areas, then it could not be an atomic bomb of the Second World War. It could float like a huge UFO coming out of the bottom of the big lake. This UFO would have to be driven by an enormous amount of energy and would be forced to remain motionless there until after sunset, when it is safe to fly under the mantle of darkness. It sounds defiant as evidence of an underwater alien base in that direction at the bottom of the lake. “

Another explanation is that it is an evidence of Planet X , also known as Nibiru, it is heading towards Earth . According to experts in the field, Planet X, which is 10 times larger than Earth, orbits the Sun every 3,600 years. Then, right now it would be close to our planet, being visible from some places.

four rings around the Sun - Scientists can not explain the appearance of four very bright rings around the Sun in Canada

On this occasion, the scientists have been baffled by the strange phenomenon, and although they have not found a logical and rational explanation, they have suggested that the rings are probably sun haloes, which are created by thin cirrus clouds. According to the scientific web portal EarthSky, these clouds contain millions of tiny ice crystals. The halos that are seen are caused both by refraction, as by the division of light, and also by the reflection, or flashes of light from these ice crystals. The crystals have to be oriented and positioned exactly with respect to the eye so that the halo appears.(rings around the Sun)

That is why, like the rainbow, the haloes around the sun, or the moon, are personal. Everyone sees their own particular halo, formed by their own particular ice crystals, which are different from the ice crystals that make up the halo of the person next to them. Because the moonlight is not very bright, the lunar halos are mostly colorless, but it may look more red on the inside and more blue on the outside of the halo. These colors are more considerable in haloes around the sun.

This explanation would be valid unless the image of Christine McNaughton is nothing special. He captured what was happening at that moment, for whatever it was, he was very present at that moment.

Is it a UFO hidden under the lake? Evidence of the arrival of Nibiru? Or do you have another explanation?

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