Security Camera Captured a demonic Entity with tentacles emerging from a baby’s room

Encounters with supernatural beings, especially a demonic entity, are life-altering. 
In numerous ways, you can protect yourself from demonic encounters, but for that, you must be aware of the presence of an evil force.
A Demon is an evil being that has its own intelligence. 
It has the ability to invade our homes and adhere to objects. 
There are very well documented cases of the ways in which these entities can attack humans.
A demonic entity can influence minds causing emotional torture.

The most common encounters with demons are those that appear in the form of black masses, anywhere in a house. 
However, in many other cases, they wait for the right moment to attach that is when we are most vulnerable.
Perhaps this is the case with a woman, who recently recorded what appears to be a dark figure, with long, “tentacle-like ” fingers, watching from her baby’s room

a demonic entity stalked a woman

Terrifying footage from a security camera in a Wisconsin, US home appears to show some kind of entity with strange hands peering briefly from behind a door before disappearing. 
The video, which was recorded earlier this month in a Milwaukee residence, was posted on the social network Reddit last weekend by the surprised owner, who explained that only she and her baby were in the house at the time of the incident and, as such, cannot explain the presence of the mysterious visitor.

In the video, a truly unnerving shape, which some have likened to a tentacled hand, appears to emerge from a room down the hall. 
Soon after, a strange head emerges from behind the door frame that quickly disappears into the room, and closes the door. 

The woman panicked after discovering that the apparition had tentacle-like hands and stated that when she subsequently went to check the anomaly, she discovered that there was no one in the room.

Many netizens have suggested that the disconcerting could be a demonic entity as one of the most common appearances of demons is in the form of black masses, anywhere in a house. 
Experts in the field have warned the owner to contact paranormal investigators, as this demonic entity could be being attracted to her baby. 
Although worst of all is that its true object would be to possess the child’s body to physically materialize in our reality.

However, other users have offered another much more disturbing theory, suggesting that the “demon entity” is actually an intruder and that its “tentacle-shaped hand” is a weapon. 
This would explain the closing of the door and postulate that the person likely exited through a window once they realized that they had been detected by the security camera. 
People warned the owner to notify the police and perhaps this is the reason why the woman has already removed the video from Reddit.

Without a doubt, this is one of the most disturbing videos of recent years , and not only because it shows a terrifying demonic figure, but also because of the possibility that the demonic visitor is an armed intruder.
Either way, in both cases the woman could be in real danger.

What are your views on this video?

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