Home Security Camera Records Terrifying Paranormal Activity

You may or may not believe in ghosts, and everyone has their personal opinion on haunted properties. However, when strange things start to happen in your home that defies any logical and rational explanation, it could indicate that you are sharing your space with spirits. While Hollywood has described the paranormal activity as a terrifying event that makes a home uninhabitable scenario, that is rarely the case, or at least not common.

You’ve probably heard the term before, but it’s worth defining for the purposes of this story. Paranormal activity is any unexplained phenomenon that falls outside the parameters of human experience. The phenomena can range from minor and harmless events to those that are more serious in nature. There are countless well-documented cases throughout history, from Amityville to the haunted house of the Perron family, yet there is very little credible evidence on the internet. However, A video on TikTok shows the nightmare a couple is experiencing at their home.

A couple claims that a ghost named ‘Dave’ lives in their home and they were able to obtain evidence from their home security camera. Ben Hubbard, a physical education teacher, and his partner Lainey Clark, an elementary school teacher, moved into a three-story house in Buckinghamshire, England, in 2018, but soon began to witness paranormal phenomena around the house.

They decided to try videotaping the poltergeists and installed a camera in their kitchen, which captured objects inexplicably flying out of the drawer. In an eerie video recorded at 11:29 a.m. on May 14, when the couple was at work, the camera shows an empty kitchen with strange activities happening on its own.

Suddenly, the cutlery seemingly shot out of the drawer as if thrown by an invisible force across the room. It bounced off the window and fell just below the drawer. A few seconds later, another object came out of the drawer across the room to the opposite corner. Then the door, which was ajar, began to slowly close on its own. In the description of the video that was uploaded to TikTok, it said the following: “CCTV cameras are useful while we are at work…”

What the couple did not expect is that their video went viral on social networks, achieving a whopping figure of more than 19.3 million views, 1.4 million likes, and 44 thousand comments. There were many who were really terrified by the images, saying that it was one of the best pieces of evidence of a poltergeist in recent years. Others offered their advice, telling the couple that what they should do is clean and clear the house.

One of the most popular methods of protecting yourself or releasing any negativity from a home is using salvia. White sage, in particular, is a plant used by mediums and spiritual professionals. What they should do is cover every corner of the house in smoke, then they should leave the sage on until it burns to a simmer. They must clean, open windows, let in light, and release darkness by setting intentions for dark energy or certain entities to leave the home.

Home Security Camera Records Terrifying Paranormal Activity

Another way suggested by experts in the field is to use citrus essential oil, which can help eliminate bad energy and eradicate any spirits. The use of incense is a very ancient spiritual practice that creates a calm and serene atmosphere, not the kind of space where there would be ghosts and demonic entities. And if all else fails, then you can simply light candles with fresh scents.

However, some people shared their skepticism about the images and said that the video was edited or all part of a montage to get followers and views on TikTok. Ben and Lainey regularly upload videos of paranormal activity in their home to social media and seem to have no intention of moving. Speaking on their YouTube channel, the couple says they discovered through a medium that the spirit living in their home is named Dave. According to the medium, Dave was a young man who died in a traffic accident not far from his home.

What do you think about the video? Do you think this is a true paranormal activity or is it a montage?

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