Security camera Caught a demonic shadow in front of a house in New York

Paranormal experts define demonic shadow as supernatural humanoid figures that appear on walls and ceilings in the person’s peripheral vision. 
Those who have had encounters with these entities describe them as fleeting unrecognizable shadows that appear for a few seconds.
Many people believe them to be a true form of a ghost with evil intentions, time traveler, or inter-dimensional beings.
However, skeptics have a completely different opinion and they believe that these demonic shadows are consequences of sleep deprivation or paralysis, illusions, hallucinations, the onset of dementia, drug or alcohol use, or the side effects of medication. 
Whatever the true origin, we now have a video that sure will spark an interesting debate.

Mysterious demonic shadow

Images captured by a home security camera show a mysterious shape that the homeowner suspects might be some kind of sinister entity. 
The video was recorded on October 4 outside a house in an unidentified community in New York state at approximately 3:30 a.m. local time.

In the images, a dark shadow appears suddenly at the edge of the lawn and drifts in an eerie fashion before disappearing from the camera’s view. 
According to the owner of the house, his family does not agree on the nature of the shadow as he suspects that it could be the ghost of a girl from the community who had passed away, but other members of the family suggest that it is a demonic shadow as they smelled sulfur throughout the house the next day.

This theory is based on an earlier incident in which the owner found his son hiding under his bed after an encounter with a demonic shadow who tried to strangle him. 
While the boy’s story is undoubtedly chilling and apparently seems to coincide with the appearance of the anomaly, the lack of details in the story caused some skepticism among some netizens who viewed the video.

Most skeptical consider that the ‘demonic shadow’ in the images is simply a glitch and that the story has been created later to give truth to the incident.

Interestingly, it is believed that demonic shadows have existed throughout history.
They have appeared in folklore and described as dark figures with a human appearance. 
The Qur’an mentions black-hued sapient beings that are not completely spiritual or physical, and ancient Europeans believed that these entities “desired our blood”, since without it they could not be reborn. 
Today, there are countless reports from people around the world claiming to have seen these beings.

As we have discussed previously, there is a debate about their origin, however, one of the most interesting theories is that they are extraterrestrial. 
In many cases, abductees have reported that the so-called grays appear to be able to pass through closed walls and windows, as well as appear and disappear abruptly. 
Unfortunately, there is no way to prove or disprove any theory about a phenomenon that is so mysterious, happens so quickly and without warning. 
Science finds it virtually impossible to catalog or study such phenomena in a methodical way.

What do you think about the video?
Is it some kind of demonic entity or could it be a camera glitch?
Let us know in the comment section.

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  1. Are you serious? It’s an insect crawling on the camera lens. If you looks closely, you can see the outline of it’s legs.

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